The main signs of appendicitis


The structure of the rectum includes an appendage - the appendix, which tends to inflame. The likelihood that this will happen is 0.5 to 100, that is, every year five out of 1000 people become victims of appendicitis. If he is diagnosed, the patient is prescribed an operation - appendectomy. The lack of surgery often leads to Read more »

Useful properties of viburnum red


Kalina ordinary (red) - woody or shrub plant, widespread in Russia. Viburnum berries have a specific bitter-sour taste. The plant is widely used in medicine (traditional and folk), cosmetology and cooking. Read more "

Abdominal distension: causes and treatment


A large amount of gas in the intestine causes bloating, which causes discomfort in the stomach. The intensity of the unpleasant symptoms directly depends on the amount of gas in the intestine. In a different way, the process of gas or swelling is called flatulence. Read more "

How to reduce the pressure at home


Hypertension is a fairly common disease that affects every fourth person on the planet. Doctors say that high blood pressure (BP) is a problem that relatively young people have already encountered. To normalize blood pressure, you can use various methods, most importantly, Read more »

Sore hands: causes, what to do, how to treat


How many movements human hands make in a day, and most of all goes to the hands. After all, with their help, people carry objects, work and perform a variety of actions. If your hands suddenly get sick, then it can be caused by diseases of internal organs, bones, muscles, joints or soft tissues. Therefore, you should pay attention to the problem, Read more »

Warts on the hands and fingers: home treatment


A person who has had warts on his hands is experiencing psychological discomfort, although the education data do not pose a threat to health. But if they appear, then you need to immediately get rid of the problem. After all, these seemingly harmless skin growths can Read more »

Psoriasis on the head: what it is, why it appears and how to treat


There is a disease that is not fraught with danger to human life and health, but its occurrence is the cause of psychological problems. This is psoriasis of the scalp. Read more "

Cold on the lip: how to quickly cure at home


The herpes virus is present in the body of 90% of the population of planet Earth, and especially, it “loves” those who had had chickenpox in their time. When the immune system properly performs its functions, herpes does not manifest itself. Read more "

Hydronephrosis - what it is, symptoms and treatment


Under hydronephrosis should be understood such a pathological condition of the kidney, when as a result of violation of the outflow of urine from the upper urinary tract, the pelvis and calyx are stretched, after which secondary atrophy of the renal parenchyma occurs. Hydronephrosis can be open if its cavity communicates with the bladder, or closed in the absence of communication between them. Read more "

Acne on the cheeks: causes and treatment


Every woman’s pimple in the open part of the body is a real tragedy, especially if a white, red or black bump appears on the face, namely on the cheek. It is much more unpleasant when this phenomenon becomes “massive”, and pimples of all colors and calibers attack the cheeks. It is noteworthy that such defects may appear Read more »