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Constipation in an infant

What is constipation in an infant? How does it manifest itself?

Constipation in an infant usually occurs in the first months of life. The reduced amount of stool to one or two times a week is not yet constipated. This is normal, especially if the child develops as it should.

However, if constipation manifests itself already in the first weeks, then the most likely assumption is that the child is starving. If the child is breastfed, then it is a question of the mother’s lack of milk, which she does not even suspect. Constipation can appear even if the baby is fed cow's milk or powdered milk, but even in this situation, the portion of the baby is insufficient. This child has a stool only once every 3-4 days, its content is formed and rigid and causes the child anxiety during excretion.

In older children, constipation occurs much more frequently. Often this applies more to shy and reticent children. Constipation can also occur during illness, which is accompanied by fever.

Causes of constipation in infants. Products that cause constipation in infants

Most often constipation in infants occur due to improper nutrition of the mother and child. Nursing mothers should not be used:

  • cow's milk
  • coffee, cocoa
  • pastry baking
  • walnuts
  • hard cheese
  • polished rice
  • cottage cheese
  • a lot of meat

The use of a nursing mother, for example, iron-containing, antispasmodic and other drugs, can also cause constipation in an infant.

Constipation can cause the wrong choice of formula, early start of complementary foods and inadequate fluid intake by the baby.

Infrequently, but there are infant diseases that lead to constipation:

  • dolichosigmoid - due to the elongated sigmoid colon and its pressure on itself and the rectum, there are excesses in the intestine, due to which its emptying is slowed down
  • lactose deficiency - the baby’s body lacks or has a small amount of the enzyme lactose, in this case, constipation will be replaced by diarrhea

Constipation in infants - what to do?

Often, problems with the chair in infants pass by 3-4 months, this is a normal physiological phenomenon that occurs in almost all babies. If the child becomes red, anxious, and squeezed, parents should be helped as soon as possible:

  1. gently move the warm palm or clenched fist clockwise on the baby's tummy
  2. exercise "bicycle" stimulates the bowels
  3. immerse the child briefly in a warm bath, then wipe the baby with a towel and lubricate the body with baby oil
  4. put the baby on your belly for a few minutes
  5. put the baby over the sink: press the back to your belly, bend the legs at the knees and hold them with your own hands
  6. insert into the anus a vapor pipe that provokes defecation

Do not inject soap into the intestines, its pH irritates the intestinal mucosa, which can lead to burns and damage.

If the constipation is repeated several times in a row, then you definitely need to show the baby to the pediatrician, because improper self-treatment can lead to a malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract for life.

How to treat constipation in an infant

Treatments for constipation depend on the cause of its occurrence. If the child develops normally, then treatment is not required. Infants whose development is below normal need to increase their diet. If the amount of food for a child is sufficient, it may be useful to add sugar. Sometimes it is enough to change the type of sugar added to the supplement, for example, to give only fruit sugar.

Previously used various corks of mild soap or glycerin, used enemas with chamomile decoction. Currently this is no longer recommended. It is more useful to regulate the stool with proper nutrition. If you are not able to adjust it yourself, then contact your pediatrician.

And in older children, it is necessary to regulate the stool with proper, varied nutrition, containing as much fruit and vegetables as possible, which is necessary for the formation of the stool. At the same time, the child’s attention should not be drawn to the problem of the chair. This may affect the psyche of the child and arouse mistrustfulness regarding illness.

If a child has constipation and he cannot go to the toilet by himself, then it is necessary to take emergency measures: put an enema (pharmacies sell special microclysters that are comfortable to use and will not cause pain or discomfort to the child), a candle (if you do not have special candles from constipation, you can come to the aid of Viburcol, which is in every first-aid kit of a young mother, or give a laxative (do not forget about the correct dosage).

Enema in infants with constipation: can or not, how to put

The use of enemas is desirable to coordinate with your doctor.

Instructions for enema infants with constipation:

  1. Spread the oilcloth, put a towel on it.
  2. Prepare an enema with a rubber tip. Fill the pear with water or infusion of medicinal herbs completely, in order to avoid excess air entering the children's intestines (but no more than 100 g of liquid must be injected). In order not to damage the baby's anus, lubricate the tip of the enema with petroleum jelly or cream, glycerin or soap.
  3. Put the child on the flank, and press the legs to the chin. Enema enter slowly and no more than 5 cm, otherwise the baby will start to worry and twitch, what will disrupt the whole process. The process of contractions in the rectum is undulating, so the pear must be squeezed slowly and, feeling resistance, wait and do not press.
  4. After the complete introduction of water, pull out the tip and try to keep fluid in the intestines (the child will push it out reflexively, but you can gently squeeze his buttocks). In 2-3 minutes the feces will become soft and calmly come out, but if after 20 minutes the water came out without feces, you need to repeat the procedure.

We want to draw your attention to the fact that now there is a better alternative to the standard enema - microclysters. They are sold in pharmacies, easy to use, and it will be easier for the child to transfer the procedure.

Candles, remedies for constipation infants

The pharmaceutical market offers candles for babies from different manufacturers. But which one of them should be given preference depends only on the parents' wallet. It should be remembered that all glycerin candles are made of glycerol - the main active ingredient.

There are only two types of candles allowed for use by infants:

  • glycerol - soften the fecal masses and help their output outside
  • gas-forming - when dissolved in the intestine, they form carbon dioxide and the child feels the urge to defecate

For infants more acceptable candles from glycerin, the process of defecation as painless and safe as possible, there are no side effects.

Lactulose preparations should preferably be used as directed by a physician. as there are difficulties in the dosing of the drug (the dose depends on the mass of the child and the degree of violation of the chair). Lactulose is a prebiotic that does not split, enters the large intestine and stimulates the production of necessary bacteria, increases the amount of feces, protecting the intestinal microflora, and promotes their excretion. Lactulose is found in Goodluck, Normase, Portalak, Lomfarak, Duphalac syrups and Lactofiltrum tablets.

Breastfeeding mothers can eat melon - an excellent natural remedy for constipation.

For the prevention of constipation and its treatment, it is necessary to follow the menu of the child and the nursing mother, to exclude the nourishing food, to give the baby plenty of water (it softens the feces well).

With extreme caution should be treated to the popular methods of treatment.

Doctor Komarovsky about constipation in an infant

Famous Dr. Komarovsky E.O. states that for the healthy functioning of the intestine there are two important conditions: the body must be sufficiently supplied with fluid and the necessary level of potassium.

With the loss or constant lack of fluid bowel juices work inefficiently. Drinking boiled water is devoid of mineral elements, so the best drink for infants is a decoction of raisins.

With a lack of potassium, intestinal peristalsis is greatly weakened (a lot of potassium in dried apricots, prunes, raisins, figs).

Komarovsky advises:

  • review the diet of a nursing mother and a child receiving complementary foods (there should be enough whole-grain bread, vegetables and fruits, cereals)
  • self-treat constipation only with glycerin suppositories and lactulose syrup
  • do not stimulate the intestines with soap

If nothing has helped and the child continues to suffer, an urgent need to go to the doctor.

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  1. petrovna :

    And what a viburkol, we never had it, and no one told us about it? I had candles with glycerin and duphalac, which the pregnant woman drank, then a neonatologist at the maternity hospital said that she could use her daughter for the future too threw it out) came in handy, just another bottle, we only started constipation with the garden, in parallel. And from the candles and she and I had an irritation, so I do not like candles (

  2. kristinadame :

    petrovna, viburcol is a complex homeopathic medicine that has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, sedative, antispasmodic and anti-convulsant properties. These are candles. If at home there is suddenly nothing at all from constipation, you can put a viburkol - it definitely will not bring harm to health, but it will weaken.

  3. Varyusha :

    I drank virbukol - it is some kind of weak, but like all homeopathic medicines. Immediately there is a result from duphalac, on the same day, besides, he still restores microflora, so it is pointless to switch from it to homeopathy.

  4. iva :

    In due time, we coped with the constipators with the help of Glitselax candles. It so happened that the precinct didn’t really lead us to the precinct (they were constantly changing at the precinct), and you know, they didn’t particularly care about our problems with the chair. I remember the last recommendation, about the fact that all the vent pipes are used. I already wanted to buy it, but I came across an article by Komarovsky on the net, stating that the tube is the latest measure, when there is nothing more at hand. And, just about the alternative, namely about the candles. Faster to the pharmacy ran, where I was advised to buy glycelex. Candles are great. After them, the child’s chair recovered very quickly.

  5. Vlada :

    @ iva :
    I, too, more like children's candles glycelaks. They are fast enough and safe. Duphalac causes terrible meteorism, and besides, I see no reason to give the child a baby from childhood. But those children who are allergic to lactulose, in general, this drug is contraindicated. There are no such problems with candles. And it’s not necessary to take them for a long time - I set it and after 15-20 minutes I got the result - the baby poked.

  6. Olga :

    Well, then who any drugs are more suitable. In my opinion, wonderful microlax helps. A few minutes and a chair appears. And what else is needed when the child has constipation, you need to give help faster, and not wait “until the first star”, until the miracle happens by itself!

  7. Julia :

    Thank you very much for the article and for all the comments. I decided to stay on the candles and microclysters all the same - I just don’t know what to finally choose?

  8. Nina :

    @ Julia :
    Well, that, and that is good and does not affect the digestive tract, as well as not addictive. But it seemed more convenient for my husband and microlax - it can be stored at room temperature, the preparation process is elementary - the valve of the tube broke off and everything, these microclysters work even faster than candles. Again, it is convenient to take and use the road - they still require more sterility than candles - you take them with your own hands, and here the laxative substance is in an enema tube. Such are my thoughts.

  9. Lena Mirkova :

    Nah, no enemas. For example, I am afraid of a child of four months in the ass to put in an enema in order to avoid injuries and pain. I prefer the glycerin candles there is nothing. As with the first Glitselaks enjoyed, and now with my daughter, too. Safe and effective.

  10. Galya :

    @ Lena Mirkova :
    I also like candles more than other drugs. And how do these candles differ from ordinary glycerol candles?

  11. Daria :

    @ Galya :
    Glitselaks are special children's candles, they have a children's dosage, so it is not necessary to cut a candle when using it. It is more convenient to insert a whole candle than to try to shove a piece. By the way, I like them too. There was a period when my daughter and I were nowhere without them. But, thank God, passed.

  12. Olga :

    We also had to deal with constipation, even when they were very small, the son was about four months old. And the pediatrician advised that at this age candles are best suited. The pharmacy advised Glitselaks, since they are children, they can be used since three months. I bought, and at home, after reading the instructions, I made sure that they were safe, since they were based on glycerin.

  13. Olga :

    Grandmothers are sometimes advised that the child prokakal, insert a piece of soap into his anus. This can not be done categorically. Soap, being an active alkali, causes burns to the intestinal mucosa.

  14. Olga :

    Constipation is more likely to occur in artificial animals than in breastfed babies.

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