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Sugar Cookies - Cooking Secrets


Sometimes the simplest things turn out to be extremely tasty, for example, the simplest ingredients are needed for sugar cookies, the cooking technology also does not cause much difficulty even for a novice chef. But the effect is stunning - a hill of cookies, charming, ruddy and crispy on the outside, very tender inside, Read more »

Cheesecakes with cottage cheese for every taste


Cheesecake is an open tortilla with a filling, which is most often used cottage cheese. Although you can find recipes with potatoes, jam, cheese. Below is an elegant selection of recipes for cheesecakes from a different type of dough, but only with cottage cheese filling. Read more "

Real Sinnabon in your house


One would think that yeast buns with different fillings are one of the most popular desserts in any national cuisine. But here comes the synnabon, and the whole world begins to go crazy. Read more "

Delicious buns with sesame for burgers


Today we will prepare delicious buns with sesame for burgers according to the photo recipe with a step by step description. These buns are much better than at McDonalds, and most importantly, they are completely safe, not fussy in cooking and very tasty. Ideal for hamburgers, sandwiches or just breakfast. Read more "

A pie with cabbage


What could be more delicious than a cake? Here are just modern housewives for the most part believe that baking pies is long and expensive. And they are mistaken, because below they will have an excellent selection of cabbage pies, where recipes and products are quite simple, the technologies are primitive. You can safely connect to the cooking of children, receiving and delicious dinner, and friendly communication, and the common cause. Read more "

Garlic dumplings


The word “pampushka” came to us from the Ukrainian language, although today this dish is considered national in neighboring Poland and in more distant Germany. Most often they are prepared from yeast dough, are tiny in size and are served instead of bread to the first courses. On the one hand, it is quite simple to prepare them, on the other hand, there are many secrets, which will be discussed in this material. Read more "

Homemade bread in the oven


There is nothing tastier than bread that is just taken out of the oven, hot, fragrant, rosy. Unfortunately, today this dish has passed into the category of exquisite delicacies. Many young housewives refuse to bake bread because of the complex and lengthy process, although modern ovens allow you to do this without much hassle. In this collection are different secrets of baking bread at home. Read more "

Pizza in a pan


It is unlikely that pizza will ever lose its popularity. Delicious and hearty dish is loved in every family. Home option is much more useful than cooked in a pizzeria and especially in fast food. This collection offers recipes for the original pizza, which is cooked in a pan. Read more "

Easter cakes on dry yeast


One of the main holidays for Christians is Easter - the Resurrection of Christ. These housewives begin to prepare for the celebration in advance, this applies to cleaning, and restoring order in affairs, and, of course, the preparation of the holiday table. Read more "

Pancake cake


The hostess, who learned to bake thin pancakes, clearly, from amateurs goes into the category of professionals. Now she can only indulge her relatives with pancakes, alternating different fillings, and rejoice, watching how happy the household is. But you can go even further by preparing the original pancake cake. Read more "