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Cherry dumplings


Vareniki is a very interesting Slavic dish with Ukrainian roots, made from unleavened dough, into which the filling is wrapped. Her role can be played by popped meat, potatoes, berries, fruits, cottage cheese and mushrooms. In appearance and principle of cooking are similar to manti and dumplings. Read more "

Yummy Korean Carrot Recipe


Why home cooking favorite dishes has become particularly popular and in demand? The answer is very simple. First, this food is much cheaper than the one we buy in the store. Secondly, we are absolutely confident in the quality of a hand-made product. Read more "

Dumplings with frozen berries


In winter, when the body lacks vitamins and solar heat, dumplings with frozen berries seem truly divine food. If you are worried even in the summer and plenty of different berries are frozen, then you can get down to business right now. If you don’t have your reserves, then run Read more »

Duck legs: how to cook


There are dishes familiar and exotic, which of them include recipes based on duck legs hard to say. On the one hand, not so often on sale, in grocery stores or supermarkets you can see this part of the duck. On the other hand, if the hostess was lucky enough to get such a delicacy for his own family, then it is very important to choose the right recipe. Read more "

Chicken and Prune Salad


Once prunes were a rarity in our area, used most often in the preparation of sweet dishes and desserts. Today he is a "full participant" and meat dishes, and snacks, and salads. It is about salads with prunes that will be discussed in this material, Read more »

How to cook cod tasty


Fried, baked and stewed cod - a dish beloved by many connoisseurs. It would seem, what could be easier than cooking fish? But, unfortunately, after heat treatment, this type of fish becomes rather dry and not very appetizing to taste. Read more "

Goose in the oven - cooking secrets


Winter is rich in big holidays, here is a Catholic Christmas, and New Year, and Christmas according to the calendar of the Orthodox confession. And if the New Year's table in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union is famous for champagne, “Olivier” salad and tangerines, then the Christmas table (for both Catholics and Orthodox) is of particular importance. Read more "

Festive aspic from language


A special delicacy on the holiday table is considered to be aspic. It is usually cooked on big holidays, decorated on a special scale, so that the dish could surprise the guests and arouse admiration for the hostess’s culinary talent. Different products are used: tongue, chicken, pieces of meat, fish, vegetables. Read more "

Salad with pickled mushrooms


To mushrooms in cooking, the attitude is twofold, on the one hand, they are considered heavy food for the stomach, not suitable for baby or dietary food. On the other hand, few people are ready to give up fried or pickled boletus, chanterelle soup or salted crispy mushrooms. Read more "

Exotic salad with funchozy


The modern mistress lives just fine, decided to please her relatives with pizza, a dish of Italian national cuisine, and she was pleased. I decided to surprise with a salad with funchoza, please buy glass or Chinese noodles in the supermarket and - go ahead - to the stove and the kitchen table. Read more "