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Yummy Korean Carrot Recipe

Why home cooking favorite dishes has become particularly popular and in demand? The answer is very simple. First, this food is much cheaper than the one we buy in the store. Secondly, we are absolutely confident in the quality of a hand-made product.

Finally, with the opportunity to choose the appropriate recipe, we create a fragrant composition that meets personal preferences. Carrots in Korean have long been included in our diet, so we proceed to study the process, we get a useful and very appetizing product.

How to cook a delicious salad? Some nuances of cooking carrots in Korean.

  1. Providing the best taste of the dish, we buy fresh, juicy and always sweet carrots.
  2. Cilantro or other greens lay out when serving food.
  3. To prevent garlic from acquiring a green tint when it comes into contact with hot oil, add crushed cloves only after placing it in a meal of vegetable fat.
  4. If desired, we use sesame seeds roasted in a dry frying pan as a flavoring agent.


  • from 3 cloves of garlic;
  • 500 g quality carrots;
  • Spoonful of regular sugar and salt.
  • half a small onion;
  • 3 tbsp. spoons of table vinegar (9%);
  • 1.5 Art. condiments for Korean dish;
  • we select the amount of greens, hot pepper, spices and spices to taste;
  • 40 g oil (soybean, olive, sesame or sunflower).


1. Peeled and washed carrots chop in the form of a long straw, using a special grater or a kitchen machine with a nozzle for chopping root vegetables. In extreme cases, chop vegetables with a sharp knife.

2. Place the product in a convenient dish, add the required amount of vinegar, salt, sugar, seasonings for carrots. Mix the ingredients, close the container, leave for half an hour for the formation of juice.

3. Pour the selected type of butter into the pan, lay out the chopped onion. For lovers of "thrills" put a hot pepper, fry food.

4. When the vegetables have acquired a golden color, we remove them with a slotted spoon from the container, pour the hot oil into the carrots. Add the chopped garlic cloves, mix the salad, cool the snack, send it in the fridge.

Korean cuisine is characterized by the principle of minimum heat treatment of products, the use of a large number of spices and spices, the mandatory presence of hot pepper in the food. Observing the culinary traditions of the Country of morning freshness, we get tasty, healthy and incredibly fragrant Korean carrots.

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  1. valya :

    Really delicious recipe, first tried on your recipe, and did not regret. Now for recipes only to you!

  2. Milena :

    At first it seemed to me that the vinegar is a bit too much, but it turned out just right that it balances the sweetness of the carrot well. Besides, I put a lot of slightly roasted sesame. It turned out awesome delicious! Now I think: what happens if you take parsnip or celery root instead of a carrot?

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