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Acne on the head in the hair


When a person discovers pimples on the scalp, he thinks that they appeared due to insufficient care. What only women do, and even men, in order to get rid of this defect: they wash their heads with amazing frequency, use cosmetics, including home-made products, rub the skin with alcohol, which leads to drying of hair. Read more "

Castor oil for hair: the best recipes


Daily washing, constant drying, perm, dyeing, styling and lack of vitamins in the body adversely affects the condition of the hair. Under the action of these manipulations, they weaken and lose their luster. To restore the beauty of hair is not enough to use expensive shampoos, lotions and balms, manufacturers of which promise an instant effect. But the usual Read more »

Masks for hair growth at home


Long, gorgeous, well-groomed hair has always been and remains in fashion. In addition to standard procedures, experts recommend feeding hair with additional masks and balms, as well as periodically conduct procedures aimed at improving the skin and hair follicles. Owners of thick and silky hair claim to care for their hair Read more »

Coconut oil for hair: application and recipes of coconut masks


Treatment and treatment of hair for a very long time start with the use of different masks and balms. One of the most popular ingredients is coconut oil. It deserves its recognition. Enriching hair with vitamins, strengthening and healthier, this tool is suitable for almost all types of hair and helps in 99% of cases. Read more "

Grape seed oil for face and hair: use, application


Grape seed oil is a valuable extractive product that concentrates a number of useful components and vitamins. This miracle cure has been applied not only in cooking, but also in cosmetology, pharmacology and medicine. Read more "

Henna for hair: properties and methods of use


xna-dlya-volos Henna is a natural dye, the advantage of which many have managed to appreciate. Make this miracle pigment of the bush, which has the name Lawsonia. Read more "

How to remove yellow after lightening or highlighting: masks, shampoos, tips


kak-ubrat-zheltiznu-posle-osvetleniya Each "natural" blonde leads an endless struggle for the noble shade of their hair. She rushes one way or the other. Sweeps off from the shelves all the advertised tools that guarantee her deliverance from the hated yellow shade. Read more "

Hair loss masks


maski-ot-vypadeniya-volos Statistics says that half of the population at least once in their life faced with the problem of hair loss. The reasons for which the thin head of hair can vary from stresses to hormonal disruptions. Read more "

How to lighten hair at home?


kak-samostoyatelno-osvetlit-volosy-v-domashnix-usloviyax No wonder they say that gentlemen prefer blondes. After all, light, beautiful, well-groomed hair is guaranteed attractiveness and sexuality. Read more "

Oily hair: why hair grows greasy fast, what to do?


zhirnye-volosy-pochemu-bystro-zhirneyut-volosy-chto-delat Beautiful and healthy hair is a sign of grooming and a guarantee of our attractiveness. For this reason, we try to monitor the condition of the hair. There are many reasons for concern: now broken ends, then dryness, now fragility, then unhealthy shine. Read more "