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Allergy to the sun: why it appears and how to treat


Human skin may exhibit excessive sensitivity to sunlight, and the ultraviolet itself is not an allergen, but when interacting with certain substances, it can provoke an allergic reaction. Moreover, such substances can be located both on the surface of the skin and inside them. Read more "

Pimples on the back: causes and treatment


Diverse pimples "love" not only the face. They are not indifferent to other parts of the body, and if a person could see his back, he would be horrified by this acne. Why does the back often become the object of an acne attack? Yes, because the skin on it is thicker, not devoid of sebaceous and sweat glands, and care for the "removed" skin is not as carefully as the face. Read more "

Dark armpits: why they appear and how to get rid of dark armpits


temnye-podmyshki-pochemu-i-kak-izbavitsya-ot-temnyx-podmyshek Many girls have to give up stylish open tops due to dark armpits. The darkening of the armpits is caused by various factors. To solve the problem, you can use the advice of a dermatologist or use folk remedies. In this article, you will learn what to do to restore the whiteness and beauty of your armpits. Read more "

Honey massage from cellulite at home


Медовый массаж

What can upset a woman more than an orange peel on the hips? The infamous cellulite has, according to statistics, every third woman. And every second is trying to somehow deal with it. Read more "

Cellulite wraps at home: hot and cold


Антицеллюлитное обёртывание Today it is fashionable to be not just beautiful, but healthy and well-groomed. If you look wider - it is fashionable to take care of your body. Undoubtedly, this is not an easy, but still a pleasant task for every woman. The main weapon is sent to those extra pounds and cellulite. Read more "

Waist Exercises


One of the most problematic areas that often requires correction is the waist. It is very difficult to make a thin waist, since it is in her area that all, even the smallest fat deposits are very noticeable. Of course, the folds that form at the waist greatly spoil the appearance of the figure, make it heavier, make it squat and rough. Read more "

Twine Stretch Exercises


uprazhneniya-na-rastyazhku-na-shpagat-17 Motivation: nothing paints a woman like beautiful slender legs. Flexible legs, graceful cat gait - generally unattainable dream. Read more "

Exercises for stretching the legs


uprazhneniya-dlya-rastyazhki-nog-28 What is stretching the legs, when and how to conduct it

Stretching the legs is a stretching and lengthening of the limbs, with the help of which the desired level of flexibility, strength and muscle tone is achieved. Read more "

How to keep a tan?


kak-soxranit-zagar Returning from vacation, every woman strives to preserve the memory of summer, beaches and the hot sun of the south. Sunburn is a real confirmation of the fact that until recently a rustle of the surf sounded in our ears, hot sand was felt under our feet, and the gentle sea opened its arms every day. Read more "

Burned in the sun - what to do?


sgorela-na-solnce-chto-delat With the onset of warm, long-awaited summer, almost all people have an overwhelming desire to soak up the golden rays of the gentle sun. An even tan, emphasizing beauty and health, is always pleasant and attractive to the eyes. Read more "