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Acne treatment: a review of tools and procedures with proven effectiveness


Acne is a polymorphic dermatosis caused by a malfunction of the apparatus of the sebaceous glands. This is the most common skin disease in adolescence, found in 90% of girls and 100% of boys. In the last decade, acne recurs more and more at an older age. Read more "

Alginate face masks


The sea is a space for shipping, a source of inspiration, a place to relax, a “food Klondike” and a real storehouse of raw materials for the production of cosmetics and medicines. Beauticians strongly recommend that all women use seafood to maintain beauty and youth. Read more »

The best moisturizing face masks


Hike to a beauty salon for many women is like a holiday, because after the procedures it is nice to look at yourself in the mirror. But what prevents to provide facial skin care at home? Perhaps disbelief in the success of the event or unwillingness to independently prepare cosmetics. Read more "

Acne on the nose: causes and treatment at home


There are people whom every pimple, who has jumped on his nose, is incredibly happy. No wonder, because according to the verified girlish sign, such a phenomenon means that someone has fallen in love with the “carrier” of a fresh pimple. Read more "

Pimples on the chin: the causes and treatment at home


There is such a sign: a pimple that has jumped on its chin foreshadows a quick marriage. But the fact is that such a nuisance can happen with a child, with a teenager, and even with a man, not to mention women of all ages. Why do acne appear on my chin, and which doctor should I contact? Maybe the problem can be fixed by yourself? Read more "

Face gelatin masks - TOP 20 recipes


Any woman wants to preserve youth, beauty and attractiveness as long as possible. But not everyone at the same time knows that for this purpose it is not necessary to visit specialized salons and carry out expensive cosmetic procedures, or to acquire no less expensive newfangled products. Read more "

Facial cleansing at home


chistka-lica-v-domashnix-usloviyax-2 Perfectly clean and smooth skin of the face - the dream of every girl, regardless of age, status and location. Unfortunately, life in a large dusty city and too fast a way of life in every possible way complicate the way to a dream. Read more "

Face Masks with Gelatin


maski-dlya-lica-s-zhelatinom Every woman is familiar with such a product as food gelatin. It is sold in crystals or plates and is used to make jelly dishes, jellies, jelly and other desserts. But few people suspect its remarkable cosmetic properties. Read more "

Wen on face: causes and methods of treatment


zhiroviki-na-lice From time to time, many are faced with the appearance of Wen. Moreover, these formations can appear absolutely anywhere. But perhaps the most unpleasant surprise will be its detection on the face. Read more "

Face masks with honey


maski-dlya-lica-s-medom-15-receptov A large number of various cosmetic products appear on the market every year. But the popularity of home remedies does not decrease, and even increases. Read more "