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What dreams ice


Ice in a dream acts as a symbol of frozen emotions, relationships. If he dreamed out of season, serious life changes are coming. What else dreams of this slippery dream sign? Dream interpretation will consider various options. Read more "

Why dream - the dog barks


In a dream, heard a dog barking? Wait for the bad news. This is also the foreshadowing of big troubles and life difficulties. What else dreams, if the dog barks? Dream Interpretation will share their numerous observations. Read more "

What dreams paws


Why dream shaggy paws? In a dream, it is a symbol of protection and help. But if you got a blow with claws, then wait for illness, trouble, attacks from enemies. Dream books will tell you how to correctly unravel this very unusual image. Read more "

Why dream - hijacked the car


Dreamed how you stole a car? Similarly, a dream reflects uncertainty, fear of possible troubles, losses. But if they managed to hijack someone else's car, then you will know the secret love. What else does this action dream of? Dream books will understand the plot and prompt the most accurate answers. Read more "

What dreams about the dismissal


What dreams about the dismissal? In a dream, an event reflects personal insecurity, instability of the situation, close changes of an indefinite nature. Dream books will analyze the dream plot and help you find the most accurate decoding. Read more "

Why dream - fired


What dreams, if in a dream fired from work? The difficulties are coming, which you will meet without fear and even with optimism. The same plot reflects disability, self-doubt. Dream interiors offer the latest transcripts. Read more "

Why dream - clean


In a dream, had to clean up somewhere or something? This means that the accumulated problems pose a real threat and will soon lead you to a stalemate. What else is dreaming dreaming, prompted by dream books on specific examples. Read more "

Why dream - go naked


In a dream, walking naked is bad always. This is a sign of illness, shame, scandals, committing a stupid act. The same plot reveals its own insecurity, vulnerability to bad events or others. Dream books will tell you what he dreams about yet. Read more "

Why dream mad


What dreams of a mad man or a beast? Most often the image indicates in a dream interaction with ill-wishers and the emergence of life-threatening situations. The most popular dream books agree in one opinion: you can see yourself or other characters in a state of rabies. Read more »

Why dream of a journey


Any journey in a dream hints that big life changes are coming. But in general, it is a favorable symbol, promising growth of well-being, success, both in business and in personal. Dream interiors offer the most current decoding. Read more "