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How to choose a restaurant for a wedding?


A wedding celebration is the brightest celebration in the life of a young couple in love. Like any holiday, all friends and relatives want to share this solemn event. A day that will be remembered for a lifetime should be bright, joyful, and well prepared. Read more "

What to give for a silver wedding?


Silver wedding is one of the most beautiful events in life, because not everyone can reach this milestone. It is important to make this day special so that the spouses feel the full significance of the moment and understand how dear they are to years of living together. Read more "

Exit registration of marriage - a wedding in nature


A wedding is a day that should be bright and unique. Any young couple dreams that their wedding day would be unusual and memorable. Read more "

Flowers for wedding bouquets


How many times have you imagined yourself in the role of a princess in a dazzling snow-white and lush dress? Every girl dreams to become such a tender, beautiful and simply fabulous beauty. Read more "

Where to go on a honeymoon trip?


Honeymoon trip is, of course, romance! The world is no more, there are only two loving hearts. Festive mess, traditions, ceremonies , guests, relatives are left behind, now only the sea of ​​infinite happiness is ahead ... Read more »

Marry a Muslim - my story


Religion is everyone’s business, you agree, but what to do when religious beliefs do not coincide, you face a language barrier and you are unbearably long from your homeland? But what about the eternal love and fairy tales from childhood about the beautiful prince on a white horse? It so happens that in the life of a prince is not a prince at all, but instead of a horse an old cart drawn by a donkey. Read more "

Maternity Wedding Dresses


Luxury wedding, a reason for its cancellation, perhaps, should not be. And the long term of pregnancy, of course, is not a problem. An elegant and memorable image will help the future mother to create a wedding dress, emphasize her beauty, tenderness and a special, interesting position. Read more "

How to hold a bachelorette party? Scenarios and ideas


A bachelorette party is a fun gathering with girlfriends who are accompanied by dances, contests, games and other things. It is believed that such events are held only on the eve of the wedding, but there are plenty of other reasons to come together. Read more "

Marrying a Foreigner - Pros and Cons


Oh, how nice it is to stroll through the streets of some ancient European city, to study the architecture of buildings of a beautiful eastern country, for example, Egypt, or to sunbathe on the beach under the rays of the hot southern sun. And if you also live nearby, and with constant registration, then you are a lucky girl, and it is difficult for you not to envy. Most of us think so. Read more "

Unusual ideas for a wedding


Every woman dreams of an unforgettable wedding. The question is where and how to organize a wedding party, every bride cares. To remember this day for the rest of your life, choose something extraordinary and new. We present you unusual wedding ideas. Read more "