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Poems beloved guy

There are many reasons to present beautiful poems to your beloved guy: holidays, important events in life. And a good mood is no reason to bring more romance and tender feelings into your life.

We offer you, lovely girls, beautiful poems to your beloved guy: gentle, touching to tears, short for SMS and long declarations of love. Give poems to your halves and let your life be filled with bright emotions!

Beautiful poems beloved guy about love

My knight, my beloved hero!
You only dedicate these lines.
I am happy that you are next to me
In the arms of the gentle, I freeze in happiness.

Warm palms, light of heavenly eyes,
The smile that once won me.
Do not need conversations and hackneyed phrases,
Love is already eloquent.

We will give it to each other,
All the last drop, without residue.
After all, for this and worth living.
Let everything be smooth in our relationship!
My love is a vast ocean,
My love is huge, like a planet.
You, my dear, I will not give to anyone.
You are my Romeo, and I am your Juliet.

Our tale will have a rainbow end,
Bad weather will pass us by.
And maybe we will go to the altar
And become a real family.

In the meantime, shout at the whole world is ready
I am about loving my endless unearthly.
"You are the best!" - these three wonderful words
I dedicate to you, my angel!

Author Alexander Maltsev


Short poems to the beloved love guy

My love to you forever!
You only give my heart.
Moment lasts forever
With you at the bottom of the abyss.
With your breath I get warm,
I only dream about you.
More and more I fall in love with you!
I sing to you, my love.

Author Elena Malakhova


Poems beloved guy about love before sleep

Only you, only love.
I look into my eyes and my blood runs cold.
I love more and more every day
And the passion in me is ablaze.
I want the only one to be,
I want others to forget with you,
I want to surrender to the end
And so we reached the crown.
Kiss, kiss me soon!
From this I grow up.
I will wrap you up
From saturday to saturday.
Warm and take care of me
I can not live a day
Without your eyes, your smile.
There can be no mistake in love.
Let's forget all the misfortunes
And dissolve overnight
In the cleanest waters of the ocean
Our love, so desired!
Let's do everything together:
To love, create and live wonderfully
To bear children, to love the whole world.
Love you! You're my idol!
Author Olga Sergeeva

A beautiful short love verse for a guy

My favorite is the best
I treasure you!
Our senses magic castle
Day and night watchman.
I disperse sadness-anxiety,
From trouble love keeping.
I offer prayers to God
So that he protects you.
Tenderness, joy, respect
I'll give you.
So that you know without a doubt:
I love you so much!

Author Elena Malakhova


Short declaration of love

The best of men
Became my destiny!
You're alone in my life
Endowed with love.
I idolize you
And I breathe thee!
I love you so much
Heart and soul.

Author Elena Malakhova


Short beautiful poems beloved guy about love

Image in a dream

In the cobwebs of the sun's rays
I watch your beautiful image
And I see your eyes look.
The mirage has glimpsed truthful -
And accompanying me every day,
The dream rushes to protect.
Your image in mind watching
In dreams I want to expect.

Author Kocheva Tatyana


Beloved man

You entered my life suddenly,
Shaking the mind and space.
Ripped the template about how happiness should be.
And burst into the soul with the impermanence syndrome.

I know what “to be” and “to live” mean
But you erased the boundaries of understanding.
With you I want to twist nests
And love the silence of silence.

Author Kocheva Tatyana


SMS poems favorite guy

Waiting for you, my love, good!
The moments stretch so slowly ...
I know you love me! But still
So I want to hear the revelation!

For your love I will give all the brooches,
All rings, beads and earrings!
My favorite, I'm not joking! ..
I want to live life with you!

In the sms of my feelings do not fit -
Deep and wide love for you!
How great to be with you, beloved!
I say "thank you" for your fate! ..

When you sleepy kiss me,
When you carry on to the bedroom,
You me by this, my dear, indulge!
And I'm with you again in the clouds!

I'm in love with your dive with passion -
This is a risk, but still I love you!
To be with you - there are billions of reasons!
To you, dear, I give my heart!

Author SMS Viktorova Victoria


Gentle declaration of love to a guy

The magic and tenderness of your hands,
Lip touching, voice - pleasure!
Have survived a series of partings -
Every meeting is appreciated instant.

Promise? No words needed -
Everything in the eyes: sparks and hopes.
I can not imagine life without you:
You are my knight in unearthly robes.

You are my angel - with and without wings
From your love, it does not seem - fly.
I do not need fabulous miracles:
I catch a look - and I melt, I melt, I melt ...

I know. I'm sure love hasn't come,
And came down to us from above.
At that moment, when I really did not wait,
My voice was suddenly heard.

Without drawing, and without unnecessary phrases
Entered life, and at once I felt
It is impossible to be without “we” and “us”,
I slept before, my dear.

Woke up, showed the road
Where there is no falsehood, disbelief.
Woke up "I am near," you said.
I love you. And in you I believe.

Author Olesya Bukir


Poems beloved guy about how I miss

I want to tell you, dear,
What I miss so much.
Every hour I remember about you -
And sad and sad ... Miss you!
The world is unnecessary, gloomy, alien -
Where there is no you. Where you are not with me.
I'm waiting, come, I beg.
I'm alone without you. I really miss you.
Come quickly, I'll hug you,
Kiss, hold on, I won't let you go anywhere!

I did not know that feelings are so strong
While we were always inseparable we.
You left, and I understood in an hour,
How sad, sad one without you.
I miss you, love, the minutes run ...
When will you be with me again, here?
I see the desired minutes before the meeting.
Adore you! And all the time I miss.

The author Nikitina Oksana


Verse favorite guy about how he needed

Darling, how beautiful -
Meet with you every day!
When you kiss me passionately,
The heart is now your target.
I need you when you're sad
When the weather is to hell.
I'll make you a delicious dinner,
Divide the grief in half.
I need you like water to a fish
As the tree is important land.
Catching a happy smile
I will say: "I am forever yours!"

The author: Vagurin Elizaveta


Poems beloved guy about how I miss

At night I see in dreams
As you come to me,
In the magical heaven,
With all your soul you are in me.

So miss every night
Without your hands so strong
Tearing a pillow to shreds,
I am waiting for you with all my heart!

You are my light, my consolation
My life is so empty
Without a pleasant look,
So my lips burn.

I won't leave you for ever,
I will be faithful,
I bear the burden of separation
And do not think out of love.

I miss day and night,
Never forget me
Those moments, your eyes,
What warmed from the ice.

I miss every moment
Only with you I will be near
This evening is so great
I'm crying under the covers.

Crying, dear, without you,
Tu hugging
What I broke to pieces
For your love bored.

I know, honey, we will be together
Know - I'm waiting for you to death,
Know in this wonderful world
Only you I am so ... ... LOVE; *

Posted by la garda oath

Poems favorite guy in the distance

In my palms I treasured
Your warmth, your dawn,
Afraid to forget once
How tenderly can you love ...

Do not fly away, do not disappear,
In dreams with you stay give
Let me wait, be with you,
Become a common happiness and destiny.

Author Nikonova Irina Aleksandrovna

I sit on the steps in the evening
One leaf through long minutes.
You are far, but kilometers of a bundle
And distances are long routes
Enveloped, and I look out the window ...

We were whispering here, thinking, loving,
Your tender hands could hold,
It was very painful for me to part,
And how hard it is to wait now
moment of the meeting, the heart pulling.

Author Nikonova Irina Aleksandrovna


Verse favorite guy with a good morning

Wake up i miss

My sun, good morning, dear!
You know, I melt like sugar with you.
In my world broke into like a violent whirlwind,
I miss you so much when you sleep.

On a strong shoulder, I fell asleep yesterday,
He pressed me to my heart till the morning.
You are the best, my strong hero.
I am happy that you are next to me.

Author Bikeeva Olga


Verse wish the guy good morning

Coffee in the morning

Good morning, love, wake up!
Fingers gently touch your lips.
Smell coffee wake you up
Head quietly put on his chest.

You look, screwing up slyly eyes.
Remember how you told me yesterday:
"Honey, life would have lived with you!"
My morning coffee was offered.

Author Bikeeva Olga


Poems beloved guy - wish good night

Do not be alarmed by the day of care,
Dear, dear person!
May your night be calm,
As a whole in life a long century.

My love you on the wings
Transfer to our common world,
Which is woven of beautiful
And sweet dreams of holy love!

May this dream be happy
And full of colorful paintings,
What fill you on weekdays
Strength for labor peaks.

The author Anna Grishko

Good night wish to your favorite guy in verse

Beloved, my dear man,
So, the evening comes quietly again.
Let him bring many sweet dreams,
In which will save my love

From gloomy thoughts that do not give to warm up,
From all the troubles that so disturb the heart.
From envy, lies recklessly -
Good night. I kiss you.

The author Anna Grishko


Poems to the former favorite guy

I want to tell you: “Thank you”,
For all that was between us.
No matter what separated us,
Let's stay friends!
Forget the bad things
We wish each other happiness,
We will not argue about the past,
And take a look at the future again.
I wish you without hypocrisy,
Find the only and native.
So that there was happiness and confidence
And they lived together, not jealous!
And we will just be friends,
Offense to keep not going to continue,
For all the bad we will forget,
Let's not regret anything.

Author Dmitry Karpov


Poems favorite guy who does not love you

Years go, but love does not weaken

When I loved you,
That girl was young.
Then forgot about everything.
Twisted in dreams, I bloomed!

You were especially dear to me
She lived, loyalty to you.
Hoped very much that soon
Look and you at me.

But the years go by so fast
My breaking dreams ...
When will that spark come in you
What will give the power of our love?

The author Elena Olgina


A poem addressed to a loved one with the hope of fast reciprocity

Good dream

No trouble you to me
Cold and indifferent.
I after all saw in a dream,
That you suddenly became my husband!

I appeal to the gods,
So that dream come true,
And the envy of all enemies
You're in love with me forever!


Gentle declaration of love to a guy

You are the only one for me!
My soul is buried in wild color
From those feelings that boil inside
Just look in my eyes!
From them love for you sparkles,
And I now became like a slave,
Which for the sake of the meeting is ready for anything
With the hope that love will take us
That passion born of tenderness
And a close relationship in a hurry.


When I see you - my heart stops,
And in the shower a wonderful melody plays!
I am one hundred percent sure in my feelings
You are very dear to me, as previously no one!

Only with you I want to go one way
And these are all desires for deep love.
I dream that you will always be with me
And my focus on impulse is firm!

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