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How to grow petunia from seedlings


Petunia is a guest from the tropics, an impressively spectacular flower, which has been going on triumphantly around the world for almost 200 years. Petunia is widely used in flower beds for gardening balconies and terraces. It is rather hardy and unpretentious, it is well combined with partner plants. Read more "

Calendar gardener for 2018


Amateur gardeners and professional agronomists are interested in getting a bountiful harvest that will last well during the cold season. Now many tricks are invented to achieve the best result. In addition to modern methods of increasing the harvest, many gardeners are actively using the developments obtained as a result of centuries-old observations Read more »

Lunar sowing calendar gardener gardener in 2017


lunnyj-posevnoj-kalendar 2 Today, many are happy to use the lunar calendar for gardening and receive notable harvests. But sometimes it does not even occur to me that the first such information appeared long before the appearance of what is commonly called the modern world.

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Mulberry - planting and care


shelkovica-posadka-i-uxod-1 Mulberry is differently called the mulberry tree, as it belongs to the mulberry family, which is represented by a genus of tall shrubs and trees. Berries, as they are considered, are in fact not berries, but rather a pair of small nuts with accreteed pericarp. Read more "

How to grow strawberries?


Strawberry is considered one of the most delicious and at the same time easy to grow berries. The fruits consist of tender, juicy flesh with a delicious aroma and taste. Read more "

Calla - Flower Meaning


Since ancient times, people knew that each flower has its own value. Previously, they were given great importance and therefore each bouquet was chosen separately for each event. Now the Internet is replete with sites that tell about the value of a flower. Read more "

Children's playground for giving


Summer departure to the country - it is a great pleasure to help relax from the stress of the city, breathe in the fresh air. But all faced with the reluctance of children, including scandals, to make weekly raids. Read more "

Grow strawberries in an apartment on the balcony - is it real?


Growing cucumber and tomato seedlings at home is a long-established practice. Is it possible to grow berries in the apartment on the balcony, such as strawberries? It turns out you can. Of course, you probably won't get serious harvests, but it's nice to wait for your own ripe strawberries, especially when it is snowing outside. Read more "

Landscape design of a small garden


To design landscaping for a small garden , you will need creativity and considerable skill. It should be borne in mind that a small garden in comparison with a large plot has a number of advantages, namely, a clear line of boundaries and a pronounced individual form. Therefore, even in the limited space of a small garden, you can create a uniquely beautiful and unusual in shape design. Read more "