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Plastic surgery after childbirth


What operations do after childbirth

After childbirth, women turn to plastic surgeons for the following plastic surgeries:

What to do if the water went?


The second, third and subsequent labor usually proceeds faster and much more calmly, because the birth canal is already stretched, and the woman in labor feels more confident due to the experience of the first birth. But during the first pregnancy, women probably ask questions about how to understand that childbirth has already begun and what to do if the water has withdrawn . Read more "

Harbingers of childbirth


Many expectant mothers are afraid that they will not notice how their labor begins. In fact, it is very difficult to miss the start of such a significant event, because already 2-3 weeks before the birth and later in the woman’s body, certain changes occur under the influence of hormones, which are commonly called harbingers of childbirth. Read more "

Childbirth with her husband ... is it worth it?


In the Russian folk tradition, women gave birth in the presence of an experienced midwife separately from everyone, for example, in a bathhouse, which was considered a kind of “portal” between worlds, since birth was viewed as a transition from one world to another. A woman's husband could only take an indirect part in what was happening. Read more "

How to choose a hospital


kak-vybrat-roddom The question of how to choose a maternity hospital is extremely relevant for future mummies, because a pregnant woman will feel much calmer if she knows in advance in which maternity hospital her long-awaited baby sees the light of what this institution is, what doctors work there, what conditions are provided time and after childbirth, and much more. Read more "

Contractions: exercises to reduce pain. Video


Упражнения схватки Contractions - involuntary contractions of the uterus during childbirth , the main purpose of which is the expulsion of the fetus. During labor, a woman in labor may experience severe pain, and all this is partly because she does not know how to control them, relax, and do special exercises to reduce pain. contractions . Read more "