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What are men afraid of?


He is strong and strong, so that we, the weak, can rely on him. We constantly demand something from our second half: help, advice, caress, understanding ... a new fur coat, a trip to the sea ... Read more »

How to become a bitch?


How to become a bitch? To begin with, let's immediately determine who we will call a “bitch”, because, to put it mildly, not very decent woman, which resembles an evil “fury”, “underwater cold snake” or some other mean creature, is most often associated with this word. Read more "

How to stop being shy?


Shyness is a feeling that brings a person many unpleasant moments in everyday life. As a rule, it is inherent in children and adolescents - they feel insecure and unprotected, but often shyness goes from childhood to adulthood, which looks very inappropriate. Read more "

What do men want?


For centuries, women have broken their beautiful heads over this issue - what men want. The answers came up with a great many. For example, many people seriously believe that men only want sex (and more). Read more "

How to make a man crazy?


Have you ever watched men leave good, loving, and loyal women and persecute those they barely met? Or, as a smart and pretty girl, she is constantly out of luck in love, and from her, at first glance, nothing more than an attractive girlfriend men literally go crazy? Read more "

Why do men grow a nail on the little finger?


I was always tormented by the question why guys and men grow a fingernail on the little finger, but I would never be interested in this topic if I had not seen this long fingernail in the little finger of my fifty-year-old boss, and then in some other very decent-looking older men from the number of clients of the company in which I work. Read more "

How to recognize Alfonso?


Summer, heat, the sound of the surf, cold cocktail in hand. Through dark glasses, I watch Apollo in swimming trunks coming out of the sea, magnificently carelessly straightening his hair, and then picking up his hands and putting his companion into the water ... Who is older than him at least two and a half times! Read more "

How to make a husband jealous?


Waking up one beautiful morning, you realized that this can not continue? Is your man too relaxed and stopped taking competitors seriously? Then it's time to act. Read more "

How to forget the ex-husband


Any parting, even if conscious and deliberate, brings a lot of experiences and violates spiritual harmony. It seems that the feelings have passed, and the relationship has long been not pleased, but in the heart is still a burden. Why it happens? Read more "

How to live after a divorce?


Divorce - stress for every woman and experiencing this stress can sometimes be very difficult, and in some cases it can even turn into depression , which can negatively affect health. How to prevent this? Read more "