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How to cook okroshka


In any kitchen of the world there are recipes simple and complex, the same applies to Russian traditional cuisine, for example, the same okroshka. The dish is known for requiring a minimum of products and primitive technology. The people on this subject came up with many sayings, such as "kvass and potatoes - already okroshka." Read more "

Okroshka with sausage photo recipe


In the evening, when everyone gathers at the same table, it is not at all superfluous to serve a satisfying and appetizing dish. This treat can be homemade okroshka. This dish is always relevant, in any season.

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Soup with dumplings


sup-s-kleckami In the cuisines of different countries there are recipes of the first dishes with so-called dumplings - small pieces of dough cooked in broth. Dumplings are made from wheat flour of the highest grade, sometimes on the basis of semolina or potatoes. They are kneaded and cooked very quickly, are a good way to diversify the home menu. Read more "

Nettle Soup


sup-iz-krapivy 14 With the arrival of spring, the mistresses rejoice, because it is possible to use the first gifts of nature - all kinds of greens for cooking various dishes. In the list of natural "gifts" - young nettle, the green leaves of which, after appropriate cooking, are used in salads or as a basis for spring soups. Read more "



okroshka 3 Russian cuisine is rich in recipes, but with the arrival of spring and the emergence of the first edible greens, everyone together recalls okroshka, one of the most ancient dishes of Russian cuisine. This national cold soup is becoming a real magic wand of the hostess in the "fortification" of the family, cooked quickly, includes simple ingredients.

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Soup puree - 17 recipes with photos and video


18 Cream Soup is a thick, creamy consistency dish. It can be made from meat, vegetables, such as tomatoes and potatoes, or mushrooms. In the kitchens of the world cooking methods and its serving are different. Read more "

Rassolnik recipes with photos


rassolnik-recepty-s-foto-15 Rassolnik is a traditional Russian soup. It should be attributed to the most rich and fragrant soups, which can easily decorate any table. Read more "

Meatball Soup


sup-s-frikadelkami Simple, fast and incredibly delicious meatball soup is a favorite for many. Cook it in plain water, as well as meat, fish or vegetable broth. For stuffing use meat of all varieties, liver, fish and even vegetables. It all depends on personal preference and the products available.

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Mushroom soup - the best recipes


gribnoj-sup Special admirers of mushrooms will never miss the opportunity to feast on the rich, but at the same time unusually easy mushroom soup. You can cook it from fresh, frozen and dried mushrooms. The main thing is not to overdo it with spices and not drown out the wonderful mushroom aroma.

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Buckwheat soup


grechnevyj-sup Experts in the field of nutrition recommend at least once a day to eat hot soup, for example, buckwheat. After all, buckwheat itself is incredibly useful. In addition, buckwheat soup, even cooked in meat broth, is a very light and quickly digestible dish.

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