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Coxsackie virus in children: symptoms, treatment, incubation period


The Coxsackie virus, sometimes called “hands, feet, mouth,” is not one, but a whole group of three dozen viruses that multiply exclusively in the intestines. Read more "

The best interesting books for teens - TOP 10 interesting books



What books are most interesting for teenagers to read? What to read a teenager?

Let the grandmothers on the benches continue to grumble that the youth has spoiled, we all know that the books never went out of their fashion. And the advent of smartphones and the Internet did not reduce their popularity, but made it more accessible. Read more "

How to instill in the child a love of reading?


What should parents do if their child does not want to learn to read, if he is not at all interested in books. This article will provide a number of tips that should help parents instill in the child a love of reading. Read more "

How to choose a school uniform?


In many schools, although there are some requirements for the clothes that children should wear during school hours, the parents still have the main choice. Sometimes they are at a loss as to which school uniform to choose, what should be guided by - what the child likes or the class teacher likes. Read more "

What to give the boy for 6-7 years?


Another nephew's birthday is coming. Or son. Or grandson. Need a gift to pick up. It is desirable that he ideally suited for a child of six or seven years. No ideas yet? Then we will try to help you, because that's why we wrote this article. So, a gift for a boy of 6-7 years . Read more "

How to choose a backpack for a child


They say that knowledge is not worn in the background. However, contrary to the old truth, it is the shoulders, on the back, that carry all the student’s baggage, which contains the basics of school science - in a knapsack. And with the advent of September 1, the issue of buying a backpack is becoming increasingly relevant. Read more "

Transition age in girls


For each teenager, the transition period is not a simple time, the girl changes not only externally, but also internally.

In girls, transitional age begins a little earlier than that of the opposite sex, namely at 11 years old. Read more "

Mother and daughter - the problem of communication


“It's your fault!” - how often parents and children hear this phrase from each other. But not so long ago this little girl with cute freckles and funny pigtails said: “Mom, you are my best!” Read more »

How to choose a school


So the time has come when your child has grown up and you need to think not about how to choose a mobile phone for a child , but also to decide on the choice of school. What should be considered first of all, how to choose a school for a child? Read more "

How to teach a child to read?


Many parents are interested in the question, how to teach a child to read and instill in him a love for a book? How to prevent computer addiction in adolescents by switching the child’s attention from the monitor to the book. The first and decisive factor is how much honor the book occupies in the house where the baby is growing up. Psychologists are quite sure that it is much easier to teach to read the child whose parents do not part with the book. Read more »