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He and she

How to annoy and unnerve a man?


kak-razdrazhat-i-nervirovat-muzhchinu The problem of gender relations has always been acute. It is always very difficult to judge which partners are guilty and who is right, situations are far from trivial and ambiguous. Read more "

What women fall in love with


The question of how men like it, excites all women without exception: from students in school girls to staid business lady. Every girl tends to be attractive, charming, charming. Those ladies who are popular with the opposite sex are openly condemned for levity and frivolity, suspected of immorality, but equally quietly envious and silently admire. What are some women can cause an incredible interest in men? Does hypnosis, the biochemistry of pheromones, simply magic and witchcraft? Or maybe they just have some specific personality traits and their own natural charm, entailing a stronger sex, like moths into the light? What women still fall in love? Read more "

If a man is older


According to sociologists, marriages are increasingly common, in which one spouse is far superior in age to the other. And if a situation where a woman is older in the family is still reprehensible and causes at least bewilderment of acquaintances and relatives, then an adult man paired with a young girl has long ceased to shock society. Although a girl who goes down the aisle with a person much older than her, is often suspected of commercialism and prudence, while her husband is trying to “open her eyes” to the true intentions of the chosen one. What are the causes of such marriages? What motivates a man and a woman to create a multi-age union, and if a man is older , what promises do young people have a common future? Read more "

If a man is younger


The concept of "unequal marriage" a couple of decades ago, bore a somewhat feudal tone. Such a union was formed between people, different in both financial and social situation. In our days, the relations of the opposite sexes have become more democratic and free from public morality. Now the inequality lies in the age difference between the partners, sometimes small, almost imperceptible and not visible to a prying eye, and sometimes quite significant. And although Pushkin said that for love there is no difference in age, but sometimes such marriages do not stay aside from gossip even the closest people. Based on some statistical observations, the difference in the age of spouses is rapidly growing both in the sexually liberated West and in the post-Soviet space, according to domestic registry offices. And if the families in which the husband is older, have become quite common and do not cause a public outcry, the union of a young man and a more adult woman is doomed to bewilderment and gossip. But is it all bad? If a man is younger , what are the female motives of marriage and how likely is the Hollywood happy ending for him? Read more "

Greedy man: do I need to re-educate?


Surely, every person since his childhood years asserted that greed is not good, that being greedy is bad. That in the sandbox you need to share toys, in school - a book, and as an adult - never refuse to ask friends to lend money. So a man grows up with firm conviction that the holy duty of a conscious citizen is to always come to the rescue and give the last shirt disinterestedly. However, is it good and is it always necessary and why, if a person refuses a request, is he immediately accused of being stingy? Who is he: mean or practical? Greedy man: should he be re-educated? Read more "

I fell in love with a friend ... what to do?


“I fell in love with a friend ... what to do? I’m acquainted with him for 7 years already, from the student’s desk. At university, we were friends, went to visit each other, talked about our hobbies, in general, were full-fledged friends, although our classmates were joking at us and saying that we would ever get married. But we refused, because we saw only friend in each other. Now I find myself thinking that I want to see him not as a friend, but as my man !!! Read more "

How to meet a guy?


Often the girls are waiting for a real prince on a white horse, but time is ticking, and the prince does not come. Ladies, can a couple be more active? If the strong half of humanity is not ready to take the first step, then we will do it. True society believes that all the same guy should meet a girl, and not vice versa. How to meet a guy without violating the framework of morality? Read more "