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How to determine if your baby has enough milk


хватает ли ребёнку молока

The composition of breast milk is most suitable for proper growth of the newborn. Useful properties of this product strengthen and support the immune system, as well as beneficial effects on the physical and psychological development of the child. Read more "

The development of a premature baby by month


Развитие недоношенного ребёнка

What baby is considered premature?

A premature baby is the same newborn baby as the others, which differs from a mature newborn with underdeveloped body functions. Read more "

Features of premature babies


Физиологические особенности недоношенного ребёнка In continuation of the topic of premature babies , we will consider the main physiological features of premature babies, as well as the peculiarities of their development. Read more "

Newborn baby sleep


Сон ребёнка

Sleep is an important component of any person. Especially important is a dream for a newborn child - the baby has just been born and is still getting used to the world around it. While this acquaintance takes place in small fragments, and the rest of the time, the child is usually asleep. Read more "

How to swaddle a newborn baby. Photo and video lesson


пеленание ребёнка

Everyone knows what a diaper is and what it is for. This affordable, simple and comfortable clothing for a newborn baby. There is no longer one millennium. Read more "

What should be the children's room for a newborn baby


Комната для новорожденного малыша

What should be the children's room for a newborn baby? We will try to answer this question as completely as possible.

Room for a newborn: single or not?

Children's room, if possible, should be separate, but otherwise the care of the newborn can be arranged in the common room. Read more "

What does a newborn baby look like? The appearance of the newborn


vneshnij-vid-novorozhdennogo7 A newborn is considered a child from the moment of birth until he is one month old. Primiparous mummies who have not come close to babies are often shocked by the appearance of the baby. Read more "

Pain in the back, legs and arms after childbirth - how to get rid of?


Bearing and giving birth to a child is always a big burden and stress for the woman’s body, regardless of the age at which she decided to become a mother. According to studies conducted in a number of European countries, every second woman who gives birth occasionally has pain in her legs, back and shoulders, and osteochondrosis. Read more "

Bedroom with a cot


In anticipation of the long-awaited miracle, future parents are trying to arrange a cozy nest for the newborn. First of all, they seek to decorate the room so that the little owner in it is comfortable and cozy. Read more "

Newborn and air conditioning


Air conditioning ... what it is today is familiar to everyone. Progress so rapidly advances that no one considers this appliance a luxury item. Read more "