Staphylococcus in children: symptoms and treatment


Staphylococcal infection is a fairly common disease in young children. As a rule, the main factor of infection is the weakened immunity of the child’s body. Infection can develop against the background of existing complications, such as dysbacteriosis, for example. Read more "

How to plan the sex of the child before conception


Children are happiness and the main thing is for them to be healthy. But it happens that for various reasons, parents want a baby of a certain sex. In this case, they are trying to find as much information as possible on the topic: how to plan the sex of the child. Read more "

Coxsackie virus in children: symptoms, treatment, incubation period


The Coxsackie virus, sometimes called “hands, feet, mouth,” is not one, but a whole group of three dozen viruses that multiply exclusively in the intestines. Read more "

The best interesting books for teens - TOP 10 interesting books



What books are most interesting for teenagers to read? What to read a teenager?

Let the grandmothers on the benches continue to grumble that the youth has spoiled, we all know that the books never went out of their fashion. And the advent of smartphones and the Internet did not reduce their popularity, but made it more accessible. Read more "

How to determine if your baby has enough milk


хватает ли ребёнку молока

The composition of breast milk is most suitable for proper growth of the newborn. Useful properties of this product strengthen and support the immune system, as well as beneficial effects on the physical and psychological development of the child. Read more "

Diarrhea in an infant


ponos-u-grudnogo-rebyonka The chair of a child up to the age of one has a number of differences. But when it becomes too liquid, watery, or it contains impurities, then in this case we can talk about diarrhea. At the same time, bowel movements become frequent, accompanied by pain. But to talk about diarrhea often allows the consistency of the chair. The disease can occur in an acute and chronic form. Read more "

Constipation in an infant


What is constipation in an infant? How does it manifest itself?

Constipation in an infant usually occurs in the first months of life. The reduced amount of stools up to one or two times a week is not yet constipated. This is normal, especially if the child develops as it should. Read more "

The development of a premature baby by month


Развитие недоношенного ребёнка

What baby is considered premature?

A premature baby is the same newborn baby as the others, which differs from a mature newborn with underdeveloped body functions. Read more "

Features of premature babies


Физиологические особенности недоношенного ребёнка In continuation of the topic of premature babies , we will consider the main physiological features of premature babies, as well as the peculiarities of their development. Read more "

How to save the child from trouble


kak-uberech-rebyonka-ot-nepriyatnostej Trouble with a child can happen anywhere, not only in the park, but also in the parental home. Dangers lurk at every turn. A considerable number of children suffered on the street during traffic accidents, which, unfortunately, every day, more and more. Read more "