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Manicure and pedicure

Rough heels. How to clean heels from hardened skin


Coarse skin on the heels is a problem that often occurs in both men and women, and at the same time delivers a lot of discomfort, discomfort. Many have a feeling of constraint and even complexes. Why does the skin on the heels become hardened and how to fix this problem? Read more "

Bath to strengthen nails


Everyone wants, especially when it comes to women, so that their hands look beautiful, tender, perfect. But do not forget that not only the skin of the hands, but also the nails needs special care. Read more "

Nude manicure


Recently, many designers have focused on simplicity and naturalness - they present collections in beige tones in fashion shows, promote makeup and manicure, close to the natural. The appearance of the style based on naturalness (nude style), the fashion world is obliged to British designer John Galliano. Read more "

Stemping: what it is, how to do, lacquers for stamping.


Girl's hands are the most beautiful and gentle personification of femininity that you can imagine. Hands should be well-groomed under any circumstances, and, first of all, this question concerns nails. In the modern world there are quite a few variations of nail design, one of the latest innovations is stamping. Read more "

Manicure for the New Year 2014. Photo


Manicure for New Year 2014 is an important part of a festive look. This may be a fabulous or fantastic hero. Or a character from any Christmas story. And in the chosen image everything should be in harmony and be combined. The art of nail art will help to achieve greater compliance with the planned character. Read more "

Nail extension french


Well-groomed hands are the card of every woman. Beautiful nails harmoniously complement the selected outfit, attract the attention of others, and just cheer up. You should not save on manicure: the result will more than pay for all costs. Read more "

How to make a French shellac


How to make a french shellac? In fact, easier than we can think. Yes, the use of shellac lacquer-gel has its own characteristics, but with an ultraviolet lamp and the necessary manicure accessories, a set for applying shellac, we can easily make a service jacket at home. Read more "

How to apply shellac?


A great breakthrough in the world of fashion and beauty was the amazing invention of Creative Nail Design - a varnish gel called Shellak. Due to the special technology of applying this varnish on the nails, the coating lasts for a very long time, does not swell and does not crack, and the gel does not form waves on the nails. Read more "

How to remove shellac at home?


To be flawless in everything is the desire of any modern woman. A well-executed manicure always emphasizes the status and success of its owner.

But care about their appearance, unfortunately, is not the only one for the fair sex. There is still cleaning, cooking, washing dishes and stuff. Read more "

How to remove false nails?


Healthy and beautiful nails - the dream of every girl. Unfortunately, mother nature did not reward everyone with such a gift. Therefore, often, we resort to a special salon procedure - nail extension . After all, it is convenient, practical, and aesthetic. Read more "