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Eyebrow tattoo by the hair method


Unfortunately, not every girl by nature has a beautiful eyebrow shape. Many of us have to spend a lot of effort and time to create the right shape. Read more "

How to color eyebrows at home?


Many people mistakenly believe that eyebrows do not need care. But it is not. They need to be very attentive, because if you correctly raise the eyebrows, your eyes will become much more expressive. Therefore, girls often tint eyebrows with a pencil or special paint. Read more "

Eyebrow tattoo at home


Of course, for every woman to look beautiful is very important. But for the image to be perfect, you need clear features: beautiful lips contour, eyebrows bend ... But not every beauty is lucky, and nature has not endowed everyone with the perfect shape of eyebrows. Read more "

Cosmetics Urban Decay - reviews


Urban Decay is a young but fairly well-known brand in the world of an American cosmetics company. Cosmetic products, the creation of which employs a team of professionals, are of high quality, hypoallergenic, natural and safety. Read more "

Makeup for the New Year 2014


When we meet the new year, we try to follow the eastern traditions and signs, wishing to attract luck, love and wealth to our home. But, manically buying the next figure of the symbol of the year and preparing meals for the festive table according to strictly defined recipes, we do make-up - which we got used to, and our haircut is the same, on the “way out”. Read more "

Prom makeup


Today we will talk about how to do makeup for prom. In the final makeup, as in any evening make-up, it is important to maintain a balance so as not to look vulgar. We present you a pair of images suitable for any outfit and hairstyle. Read more "

How to make Smokey Ice - step by step photo workshop


Classic Smokey Ice is considered to be one of the most successful types of makeup. There are several explanations for this: first, it is very easy to create such an image yourself; secondly, do not be afraid to look ridiculous, because such expressive eyes only adorn a woman and, thirdly, you can choose a good shade for any eye color. Read more "

How to paint?


When there is a gala evening or a romantic date, each of us wants to look special. And we take in hands a treasured brush, blush, ink and lipstick. However, the creation of the right beautiful makeup, which will be in harmony with our eye color or skin - this is a whole science with its own laws. Read more "

Makeup for blue eyes - photo lesson


To pick up a make-up for blue eyes, in fact, is simple, because they are bright in themselves. Many stylists do not recommend to use blue-eyed eyes too dark saturated shades, so as not to overshadow the image. Previously, we considered the basic principles of makeup for blue eyes . But what to do if it is prohibited, but really want? Read more "

Evening makeup - photo lesson


Evening make-up is more expressive than day-to-day make-up , it is more difficult to apply it to your face with high quality, therefore you should think over and prepare for a new image in advance. Many girls mistakenly believe that in the evening they should single out their eyes, and use all the colors of the rainbow for this. However, the expressiveness and violence of incompatible colors have nothing in common. Read more "