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Calendar gardener for 2018


Amateur gardeners and professional agronomists are interested in getting a bountiful harvest that will last well during the cold season. Now many tricks are invented to achieve the best result. In addition to modern methods of increasing the harvest, many gardeners are actively using the developments obtained as a result of centuries-old observations Read more »

Lunar sowing calendar gardener gardener in 2017


lunnyj-posevnoj-kalendar 2 Today, many are happy to use the lunar calendar for gardening and receive notable harvests. But sometimes it does not even occur to me that the first such information appeared long before the appearance of what is commonly called the modern world.

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Lunar calendar for December 2016


lunnyj-kalendar-na-dekabr-2016 Here comes the end of the year. Look at the past period, how was it? Is everyone doing what they planned? What changed? What successes have achieved? Read more "

Lunar sowing calendar gardener gardener for 2016


lunnyj-posevnoj-kalendar-sadovoda-ogorodnika 2016

What is the lunar sowing calendar gardener gardener?

Planting and caring for plants may seem extremely simple, but in reality this is not at all the case. After all, in order to properly plant the plants, grow them and gather a rich harvest, it is necessary to work very seriously and firmly. Read more "

Lunar calendar for November 2016


Lunar calendar 2016 The end of the year is always some kind of milestone, a border that, as it were, separates the past and the future. We are striving for the New Year to complete the work we have begun, to fulfill our plans, to make our dreams come true, to complete the year in a positive way, with the confidence that in the coming year everything will change for the better. Read more "

Lunar calendar for October 2016


Lunar calendar 2016 Mid-autumn is already a reason to look back at the path traveled and to draw preliminary results. Did you manage to do everything? How has life changed? What is new? What can we remember with a smile? What did not work out? Read more "

Lunar calendar for September 2016


Lunar calendar 2016 Man consists of habits. Whether good, bad, but they all make up his inner core, what we call character.

Habits can be changed, replaced with good and bad ones with good ones, and good ones with harmful ones. The latter, by the way, happens much more often. Read more "

Lunar calendar for August 2016


Lunar calendar for August 2016 The best days are when the energy “rolls over”, when the mood is 100 points, when everything works out and not even the way we wanted, but better. Familiar? There are such days? There are. But they come unexpectedly. You just wake up one fine morning, and you want to live and work, create and create. Read more "

Lunar calendar for May 2016


lunnyj-kalendar-na-may-2016-goda The moon, the moon ... Mysterious, alluring, not fully experienced. What secrets does she keep, what does she hide on that half, which is beyond the human eye? Perhaps there are rational beings living there, not like us, but also possessing intelligence and logic. Maybe it is they who, with their own actions, influence us, while they themselves are watching the result ... Read more »

Lunar calendar for June 2016


lunnyj-kalendar-2016-goda People are always to mysticism. Observing what is happening, analyzing natural phenomena and comparing them with their lives, noticing additional factors, our ancestors realized that the Earth’s closest neighbor, the Moon, influences all life decisions. And then they made up the lunar calendar, which helped them in organizing their lives. Read more "