Go Beautiful poems happy birthday to man

Beautiful poems happy birthday to man

How many reasons do we have to devote poems to our beloved men? Valentine's Day, February 23 and, of course, Birthday! We offer you very beautiful, touching to tears or funny, funny poems for men with happy birthday.

Universal congratulations happy birthday to man

Age is not the main thing!

It does not matter how much he knocked already,
Let this date enter your life:
Success, health and tranquility in the soul,
Prosperity, peace, peace, kindness, comfort!

Still wish every new day
You brought a lot of surprises
So that you rejoice in your fate
And so that all your strength enough!

The author Elena Olgina


Touching congratulations to a man happy birthday

If you cry, then only from happiness!

Here comes again a Happy Birthday!
How to please you?
The wish of fortitude
Optimism and fire!

Crying so only from love you
From great news,
From the happiest events,
And from pride in children!

To laugh is always a reason
I was with you
So that was fresh, beautiful and young,
To be true 'were friends!

The author Elena Olgina


Funny birthday greetings for men

Happy Birthday to You
Congratulations urgently I
I wish to live briskly,
Songs to drink and drink whiskey!

So that you sat on a horse,
I did not stay at the bottom
Denezhek (to share)
Girls to the plant

And resorts at the same time,
To be there, like in the movies
And Miami, and Bali,
Surfing, sea, ships ...

Like a bull you were healthy
"Energizer" drive,
No pills up to 100 years old
You'll be the coolest grandfather!

To favorite loved,
Tasty borscht cooked,
Smiled, not getting old
And "sawed" only for the cause.

Well, I wish you
Son, tree and house
May you always live,
Syto, sweet, with a twinkle!

So that loved and could,
To the kids was got,
Let the whole adventure
Will this birthday
Just do not yawn much
Pour and drink

Author Ksenia Belyaeva


Poems man happy birthday to tears

Life is in a hurry all the time, like a train,
We are going after him somewhere ...
Grudges beat us, doubts gnaw,
But still we all live in the world ...

And let the birthday holiday sad, -
Adds many gray hairs,
Yet we are trying to be better
Bypass the field cruel min.

Let the same fuss as possible
It will be in life. More - purity
Let the love of your beloved women
Saves from any calamity.

Know what would happen and what happened
The world will be forever
The happiness of our loved ones, their smile.
The rest is just nonsense.

The author Anna Grishko


Beautiful congratulations to the man happy birthday

Lord of Destiny

Great friend, father, family man!
How to disagree with all of this?
Good luck master, Judas lord.
And let it last forever!

You managed to earn a lot for life:
Career swiftly made
The most beautiful kids you managed to grow
But still soul and body

You, as before, are insanely handsome:
Responsive and noble,
And though there was a lot of gray hair,
You are still stylish and fashionable!

We all congratulate you today
Happy Birthday!
We wish more enthusiasm, fire,
Luck and inspiration!

And if the Lord suddenly sends a change,
That only the most beautiful!
So that whatever you want, you immediately had
And to rest in the Bahamas!

Author Shcherbach Julia


Congratulations in verses on the birthday of 40 years old man

Salutes will be thundered today in your honor!
And the first forty years
Meet you with a smile! And do not be sad,
40 years is a beautiful youth date!

There are so many different things ahead
Meet wonderful sea, ocean of discoveries! ..
You are a prominent man, young and cool!
So let life be bright and beautiful!

The author Viktorova Victoria


Verse on the birthday of a man 45 years

Neither give nor take

You today 45, neither give nor take!
Whiskey quietly covers silver
But be ready you inhale deeply again
Gusts of youth, joy and goodness!

Not the berry you, but flint, rock!
You have such a rod in you that you can break
You can not life! Such things, brother! ..
So be back to the feats you're ready at 45!

The author Viktorova Victoria


Verse happy birthday to the man for the anniversary of 50 years

Score "5: 0"!

Do not believe that you are fifty,
Read correctly: “five: zero”!
Wins the life of you,
But it’s not for nothing that she’s coming:

Families more beautiful not to find
House with a full cup comparable.
Everything turned out all that I dreamed of:
Rich, successful and love!

Do not be sad, dear:
Another "Pyaterochka" will pass,
Inspired by the life game
All of you will manage to level the score!

Author Shcherbach Julia


Verse congratulations for men happy birthday 50 years

You are fifty today.
The crown is amber, royal age!
Keeps the fruit of your generous garden,
And gives life to your mountain air.
For half a century you grew stronger and grew
Loved, created, searched for answers -
And so, like a fabulous colossus,
For many you have become a wonder of the world!

Author Maria Dubrovina


Congratulations to the man on his birthday - a poem on the anniversary of 55 years

Already 55!

Recently it seems there was a Fifty,
But now Fifty Five!
Still young birthday
And more energetically not to find!

Let this holiday jubilee
You will bring good luck
Prosperity and family comfort,
And a lot of happy worries!

Author Shcherbach Julia


A beautiful poem to a man for 55 years

Autumn is not close yet, wait
Grunt from morning on cold and rain.
You are also full of joy and strength.
And how many will be fifty and five -
Leave the others to consider your year
And do only that which is sweet to the heart!
Appreciate the one who was always near
Know no grief and pain ever,
Do not be afraid of change and long wanderings.
Shine like the sun, sing and not hurt,
Meet with a glorious anniversary!
Another hundred years live and peacefully hello!

Author Maria Dubrovina


Congratulations in verse man for his birthday 60 years

Sixty - a solid age, but do not be discouraged.
We will come for you to celebrate our centenary.
Be healthy, strong and cheerful, let the fire burn in your eyes.
We wish peace in the house and good luck in all matters.
There are still so many days of happy, kind meetings!
Try to keep your spirits and dreams alive.

Author Elena Malakhova


Verse man on the anniversary of 65 years

Sixty-five is a solid anniversary.
Years rush and grandchildren grow up ...
There is a home, care and warmth of friends,
And life is all studied science.
We wish you good, bright, peaceful days!
Harmony in the soul, in the blood of enthusiasm.
May God protect you from loss
News of bad, family discord.

Author Elena Malakhova


Poems happy birthday to a friend of man

My good friend, on your birthday
Let me congratulate you
And give a poem,
And wish it from the heart:

Be healthy and strong in spirit
Find your masculine happiness,
And remain the best friend
Whom we can all admire.

Let things go right
Let dreams come true
And we will be very happy
What happy are you in your life!

The author Rodionova Zabava


Poems to a man on the anniversary of 70 years

Seventy are wonderful years!

You are still a man wherever!
You can and can do so much.
Seventy beautiful years!
Bird happiness you have time to catch.

Be healthy, be strong and strong!
Enjoy your full life!
We wish joy car.
Have fun, strive and do not give up!

Author Chizhikova Tatiana


Poems for a man on his birthday 75 years

In your seventy five!

So much lived, so much done
so many great roads covered.
You walk through life like a king, confidently.
I achieved so much, so much I could.

You are respected, inimitable,
you are full of wisdom and dear to us.
Long time we wish you now!
Be young is not always the weather.
And do not we tire of the soul we repeat:
"Where are you at all in your seventy-five!".

Author Chizhikova Tatiana


Birthday greetings to the best friend of man

Well, here he is, your birthday, -
So congratulations, good friend!
Heartily first hand:

Strong health, wealth
And personal happiness, of course,
Let the fate be smooth,
Well, things are going well.

Dare, go to the dream and remember -
Kohl something you will need
Hand, shoulder and kind word
Always help our friendship.

The author Rodionova Zabava


Unusual congratulations to a man-friend from a girl or woman

Let the genie fulfill your desires!

Let them say that does not happen
Friendship woman with a man
I congratulate you on your birthday
And I wish to find a genie,

Which will execute instantly
Your cherished wishes,
The blessings are many unusual,
Will send, having uttered spell!

The author Elena Olgina


Humorous birthday greetings to a man from a woman friend

Seasonal Prediction

I'm trying on today
The role of gypsy self
And to you, friend, I will guess
This Birthday:

Long road in summer
In the Maldives and Bali;
Lady in knit beret
Right in the middle of winter;

King's friend in the spring
(remember - he suits the worms);
And autumn sometimes -
Changes in your destiny!

The author Elena Olgina


Beautiful verse for a man's birthday to a colleague

Dear colleague, happy birthday!
We are glad to see you in a good mood.
As an employee, you are reliable, reliable
And as a person you are very cool.

Not wryly, let's say honestly
That we cooperate with you is interesting.
I wish you happiness, love and prosperity,
Self-control and composure!

Author Lyudmila Zharkovskaya


Poems to a male colleague happy birthday from the team

We are you, colleague, with great respect
We are glad to welcome you on your birthday!
You, as an employee, are pretty reliable.
So you can go with exploration.

Bring in our small team
Goodwill and positive.
It is pleasant and easy to work with you.
We wish you a career,

Calmness, peace, tranquility
And from labor to have fun,
Generous salary and fresh ideas,
Loyal colleagues and good friends!

Author Lyudmila Zharkovskaya


Short poems SMS for a man's birthday

Begin to congratulate
And I want to wish,
Hold the tail luck
The first to be in everything always.
With BMW and new villa,
Let everything be with a bang!

On your wonderful birthday
Let dreams come true
Inspirations and luck
Joy and kindness!

You have a date today
I want to wish you,
For your dream to fight,
Be always on top!

Let it be beautiful every moment
I hasten to wish you,
Be strong, wise, present
And breathe life deeply!

Let the money rustle in your pocket
Let your life be in full swing
Women to adore
The troubles were uneasy!

Author of short poems for SMS Ksenia Belyaeva


A touching verse to a man for his birthday

I want to hug you,
To the heart squeezed.
In this wonderful, wonderful evening
I want to tell you.

Like a fresh sea breeze
Late spring
You swept over me
Becoming forever my destiny.

Expecting so many years
I will tell you, my light:
My heart is unassailable!
But melted at the moment.

I do not want another fate
You will be happy with me.
I will pass through all the obstacles
If only to be always with you.

Author Kurtman Evgeny


Beautiful congratulations in verses to the man for his birthday

Happy birthday to congratulate?
Happiness, joy to desire?
Conquest of the worlds?
But I want sincere words.

Hobby, home, family, work,
And fishing, and hunting,
And the beautiful wife ...
In life, everything you took in full.

House to build? No problem!
To plant trees? To this topic!
The son grows to the joy of all.
Let everything go without problems.

You got respect
All around. And position.
And I will say without embellishment:
You are a man - the highest class!

Author Kurtman Evgeny


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