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Unusual tangerine jam


Many people associate the New Year holidays with champagne, a salad named after a famous French chef, and a lot of tangerines. Sometimes too big to eat. Read more "

Tomato salad for the winter: a selection of recipes


Tomato - one of the most beloved vegetables, used in any form. Due to the high content of various vitamins and organic acids, they help to maintain health, strengthen the immune system, improve the emotional state. Read more "

Tomatoes with horseradish and garlic


Spicy piquant seasoning from tomatoes with horseradish and garlic is very popular and is known for its beneficial properties. Prepare adjika traditionally in the fall, and eat in the winter. Regular use of even a small amount of the vigorous mixture perfectly enhances the protective functions of the body and protects against colds. Read more "

Plum jam is a favorite treat for the winter. The best recipes for plum jam!


varene-iz-slivy Autumn is perhaps the most important season in the life of a real hostess. Grown / bought on the market vegetables, fruits, fruits and berries require processing and harvesting for the winter. Plum trees growing in the summer cottage or in the garden, usually enjoy a good harvest. The most popular method of harvesting plums is jam cooking. Below is a selection of simple and original recipes. Read more »

Caviar Caviar


kabach Many Russians recognize that winter zucchini homemade snacks are the most inexpensive and more delicious. By the way, the popularity of such homemade preparations has led to the fact that a very large number of recipes have appeared, in which the composition can vary. Read more "

Mushroom Caviar


ikra-iz-gribov Everyone remembers the royal treat from Leonid Gaidai’s famous comedy “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Profession” - “red caviar, black caviar, overseas eggplant caviar”. But professional chefs know that not only fish and vegetables can be used to make this tasty dish, but also mushrooms. Read more "

Mushrooms for the winter in banks


griby-na-zimu-v-bankax Autumn is not only rain, slush and wind, but also a rich harvest of mushrooms. There are various ways to prepare them, the most popular being salting, drying, pickling. Of course, preparations for the winter are always troublesome. But, a tasty result is worth your time and effort. Read more "

Fig jam


varene-iz-inzhira The wine berry, fig tree, fig tree - all these are the names of the most ancient cultivated plant, which was originally grown in Arabia, and only in the XVI century, fell into America. People successfully used medicinal properties of figs in medicine and cosmetology. Read more "

Assorted Tomatoes and Cucumbers


assorti-iz-pomidor-i-ogurcov 3 The rich harvest always pleases the hostess and her family, but also delivers a lot of trouble. After all, everything needs to be quickly processed, prepared for the winter, pickled, pickled, etc. Since cucumbers and tomatoes often ripen together, in winter billets they are great duets, sometimes accepting other gifts from the kitchen garden to their company. In this material, a selection of simple and delicious assorted recipes. Read more "

Korean cucumbers for the winter


ogurcy-po-korejski-na-zimu 2 Korean-style carrots overcame thousands of kilometers and found their sincere admirers on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The most courageous hostesses began culinary experiments, using the same technology, but different products. They got to the cucumbers, and not only young fruits are suitable for salad. Read more "