The How to choose a nanny for a child?

How to choose a nanny?

A child is not only the greatest happiness in your life, but also a huge responsibility. Therefore, any mom tries to give his child as much time, love and care. But life always brings your corrections into your plans. Perhaps, due to financial circumstances, you will have to go to work early or go to another city for a long time. And how many important little things are there when it is necessary to leave the child at home for only a few hours. For example, to go to the hairdresser or to the store.

Therefore, many families often have a question about finding a nanny. Depending on what you need an assistant for, you will also choose a nanny. How to choose a nanny?

If you want a nanny to teach your child and develop it, then you are best suited by a woman with a pedagogical education . If it is simply necessary for the child to be calm and comfortable, so that he is understood and loved, then choose a nanny with the education of a psychologist . But if your baby is still very small, and you are worried about his condition and health, then take a nurse-medic to your home. She will not only quickly and professionally react to any change in your child's condition, but also be able to perform many preventive procedures, such as tempering, gymnastics and massage.

Where can I find a nanny?

Where can I find a nanny for a child?

1. The simplest and most reliable way is to ask for a service from one of the next of kin . In such a situation, you can trust the person not only the child, but also your home without fear. But in this case there are also several disadvantages: firstly, it will be more difficult for the native person to make a remark and make their claims, and secondly, it will be inconvenient for you to solve financial issues.

2. Consider the candidature of a retired neighbor . She is always there, will not be late for work, and for her services, most likely, she will not require too much fee. From the disadvantages of this option, we can note the following: living at home, an elderly lady will try, besides caring for your child, at the same time to make and solve many of their personal affairs. And yet, after listening to all your recommendations on nutrition, care and education, you can do everything absolutely differently. After all, she, in her opinion, has much more life experience than you - a young mother.

3. Use the recommendation of friends . In this case, you can learn about all the advantages and disadvantages of a future nanny and decide whether it suits your child.

4. Finding a nanny through a good recruitment agency . In this case, you can list all the reasonable requirements and necessary qualities of your future nanny. Also, the agency will be useful if in addition to nanny for the child you need a housekeeper. Professionals will select you several candidates who will meet the criteria of your selection. With each of the contenders you can talk and then make the final choice. But this method is the most expensive, because recruitment agencies take a lot of money for their services.

A good nanny is not only your assistant, but also the best friend for a child. But do not shift to her all the care for the baby, because the mother still you remain, and the child must feel it.

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