The How to teach a child to sleep separately? 3 important tips.

How to teach a child to sleep separately?

Many mothers put their babies to bed with them from birth next to each other. In this, of course, there are a number of advantages: as soon as the child wakes up and wants to eat, his mommy by the side, besides they both rest better together than separately. This is due to the fact that a woman does not have to get up from the slightest rustle of a baby, but the baby sleeps calmer when he hears the heart's own heartbeat. On the other hand, a number of questions arise about how to understand whether a child is ready to rest alone and how to accustom him to sleep separately to the bed or to his room.

When a child can be laid to sleep separately

All children are very individual, therefore it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the character even in such a matter as preparing the child for bed. If your baby sleeps quietly from birth and does not often wake up, there simply is no sense in packing it with him. Such babies just get used to their cradle.

Baby cots from two years are ideal for older children, because they are very comfortable. In addition, kids can already participate in the choice and decide what they want to sleep on. After the place for sleep is chosen, do not pull with the resettlement of the child.

How to understand that a child is ready to sleep separately

Our children grow very quickly, and it's time to move them to a separate bed or even a room. How can we understand that a child can already sleep apart from his parents?

If the child begins to wake up at night and himself and his parents, it's time to think about a separate sleeping place for the baby. Children, reaching the age of 3-5 years, are already largely independent, but it will be difficult for them to restructure, because so much time having spent side by side with their parents, they do not think themselves without the security that they are given warm embraces during sleep. Therefore, it is better to separate the child from himself before he turns three, then this process will be less protracted and painless.

How to teach a child to sleep in their room or bed

So, having decided that it is time for the child to sleep separately, one must have patience and be prepared for the fact that everything will not go so smoothly. It is better to prepare in advance for this important event.

  1. Graduality. Since the child is accustomed to sleeping next to his parents, do not deprive him of this joy dramatically. First, move the purchased crib next to yours, so the kid will have the illusion that he is sleeping with you. While laying him to sleep, do not forget to praise his bed, to say what it is comfortable, soft. Explain to the child that it will be better for him, because he is already quite large, an adult and he should have his own resting place. When the child gets used to the bed, it is worth moving it away from the parent, and after a while, move it to a separate room. Do not delay this process, if the baby normally sleeps separately, then it suits him. The main thing is not to allow backward movement: if the bed has already moved to the nursery, then it should already be there.
  2. Mindfulness. It is worth to give the child more time and watch him. If the baby began to sleep anxiously and long to fall asleep during the resettlement period, then perhaps it is worthwhile to take care of buying a night lamp in the nursery, because often children are afraid of the darkness during this period. It can be connected again with the fact that the kid felt safe at night in the arms of the mother, and when he began to sleep alone, he felt a sense of fear and loneliness. In the evening it is better to avoid active games, so that later there would be no problems with putting the baby to bed. Soothing baths with herbs can also help. For example, a good sleep improves nettle, mint, sage, valerian root, motherwort. If the child after all evening procedures asks to lie down or sleep with him in his bed, then do not refuse.
  3. Substitution method. You can cheat a little and, referring to urgent matters, leave a soft toy instead of mom. Leave first for a couple of minutes, gradually increasing the time of absence, until the child begins to fall asleep himself in an embrace with a favorite toy. Let the kid choose on his own, whom he will take with him to bed. The main requirements for such a "mother substitute": not large sizes and hypoallergenic material of which the toy is made.

If you act on these simple rules, then a special problem with teaching the child to sleep separately from the parents should not arise. Explain to the child that at least now he is asleep by himself, you still love him very much, or some children perceive such separation from the mother as punishment. It must be shown that the attitude towards it has not changed at all, but, on the contrary, it causes pride in its independence. Seeing this attitude, the kid himself will strive to prove that he has grown up and will start to fall asleep in his bed.

8 comments on "How to teach a child to sleep separately?"

  1. Maxim :

    My son has been sleeping in a separate room since 2 months and the remaining children are older, and I do not see any problems in this

  2. Catherine :

    The problem is that your child is deprived of maternal love and did not receive her milk. And individual development implies giving up breast during the period when the child is ready for it. So night feeding is not excluded even at the age of the year.

  3. Elena :

    Daughter is 1.5 years old, we very well sleep together) And I think the child will show himself that he is ready to sleep separately!

  4. Bella :

    My baby is 11 months old, sleeping with us until now. It's not convenient, of course, but she does not want to sleep in her crib. I do not sleep enough at all. I'm on the other side of the tonon barrel, sometimes I do not know how to lie. my crumb is comfortable, this is the main thing.

  5. Zoya :

    grow up, and he himself will sleep

  6. Light :

    While nursing, the child slept side by side. Then he fell asleep in his own bed, I could not enjoy it, I boasted to everyone. And, recently, problems with sleep began. It seems to fall asleep, and then wakes up, turns and asks to us, and sometimes cries in a dream. And I noticed, he became very active before going to bed, maybe it prevents him from sleeping peacefully at night. On the recommendation of a doctor, began to give a soothing syrup sachets, it is based on herbs and juices, safe, no addictive. Gave only 2 weeks. Now there are no problems with sleep, he falls asleep himself, and sleeps until the morning.

  7. Lena Zhabinskaya :

    This is really a real problem. A child who has become accustomed to sleeping with his parents is very difficult to settle down. On the other hand, it's so nice to sleep in an embrace with your own little bundle. I think we should not make this a problem, because kids grow very fast and certainly will not sleep with you until school. Therefore, you need to relax and enjoy such moments, and do not always think about how to move the carapace. When children grow up, they do not hurry to pooh once again, so you have to keep up while they are sweet kids.

  8. Elena :

    My daughter is 8 years old, does not want to sleep alone. You must lie with her until you fall asleep. And the night light is, but like not afraid of just loves to pobormanitsya. When the father at work lay her down, that's probably the habit. I agree with the previous commentator, do not worry about it.

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