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Interesting ideas for celebrating New Year 2015


The New Year is the favorite holiday of more than half of humanity, the preparation for which begins in another month, or even two. We want to celebrate the New Year interesting, fascinating and unforgettable, but often the scenario is the same: a feast with an essential basin of Olivier, a trip to a city tree, fireworks, a sea of ​​drunk champagne and ... that's all. Read more "

How to clean silver at home?


Surely in every home you can find items made of silver: be it cutlery, decorations or decorative items, and sometimes even whole sets. However, this metal is easily oxidized in air: as a result, a sulfide deposit is formed, which leads to darkening of the products. Read more "

Burn ears - omens


Even in ancient times, people had various signs and superstitions, and they were often based on life experience accumulated by generations. In those days, such signs helped people survive in harsh times, and protect themselves from unexpected problems. Read more "

Why what itches - signs


Folk omen scratches the eye (left or right)

Itchy eyes - this is one of the most common signs of scab on body parts, and it promises tears. The left eye is usually itchy for joy, and the tears are the scratching of the right eye. Read more "

Sign - to find a cross, ring, money, knife, earrings, watch, icon


Folk omens exist for quite some time. They came to us from ancient times, when people tried to predict further developments in life on the basis of any specific cases. Read more "

Sign - spider down, crawling, spiders in the house


Folk sign - see the spider

It is important where and when the spider is met. If in the house - the best time will be the day. To see him in the morning means sadness in the near future, in the afternoon - to romantic relationships, and maybe to great love, in the evening - to future troubles and worries, pleasant or not so ... Continue reading »

Signs - the bird flew into the window or the house, knocking on the window or sitting on it


Today we are experiencing the age of high technology. Our civilization has reached an unprecedented rise. Astronomers have learned to see not only nearby stars, but also stars from other galaxies. Read more "

What is tapestry


Tapestry: life reproduced in the canvas ...

The human need to decorate their homes has long engendered various forms of applied craftsmanship, but perhaps only the tapestry has taken a firm place in the rich houses of Europe for such a long time. Read more "

How to wash silk?


Silk products are often among the fancy and most loved by us among other things. They are included in the wardrobe of all family members. Blouses, dresses, shirts and ties are undoubtedly appreciated for their appearance and natural composition, so pleasant to wear. Read more "

What color to choose bedding?


One of the methods of alternative medicine, which received the greatest popularity at the present time, is color therapy. Read more "