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Diet and nutrition

Burdock: useful medicinal properties, recipes, contraindications


lopux-poleznye-lechebnye-svojstva-recepty-protivopokazaniya Walking along country roads or following major highways, or even just walking in the park, a person sees a lot of plants around. Read more "

Fasting day on cucumbers


razgruzochnyj-den-na-ogurcax In an effort to find a dream figure, many women are ready to go at all. In the course are the most ruthless diets, grueling workouts and other tricks. Achieve the goal can be easier way, which is advised to use dietitians. Read more "

Fasting day on the water


razgruzochnyj-den-na-vode-1 Overweight in recent decades has become just a scourge of humanity. According to some reports, every third person on Earth weighs more than he should have proceeded from his constitution. Read more "

Fasting day on apples


razgruzochnyj-den-na-yablokax Slim figure and healthy complexion - the desire of any woman. Diets and fasting are not suitable for all health reasons. Yes, and the modern rhythms of life do not allow you to carefully calculate the calories and the ratio of nutrients. Read more "

Unloading day on buckwheat


razgruzochnyj-den-na-grechke For the normalization of the body's work, almost every person periodically needs to arrange a “day off” - a fasting day. Read more "

Chocolate diet


shokoladnaya-dieta Chocolate diet for a short time will get rid of 3 ─ 7 kg of excess weight. The method is especially good for coffee lovers and lovers of sweets. After all, the main products of the diet are chocolate and coffee. Read more "

Blood type diet


The eternal struggle of a person with excess weight has led to the fact that scientists have begun to intensely search for ways in which people would lose overweight not by starvation, but by means of products suitable for them. Read more "

How to become slim?


Holidays were left behind, and only funny photos, but a couple of extra pounds on the sides and hips remind of them. And if we keep the first ones carefully, sometimes we get them, we admire and rejoice, then we try to get rid of the second ones and forget. Read more "

Useful properties of raspberry


poleznye-svojstva-maliny Raspberries - undoubtedly one of the most popular and familiar to us berries. It is not only tasty and beautiful, but also very useful. At its core, this berry is universal. From it you can make jam, prepare drinks and desserts, use in treatment and cosmetology. Read more "

Raspberry Leaf - Useful Properties

February 13, 2014

listya-maliny-poleznye-svojstva-3 Raspberries are not only a tasty delicacy, but also a plant that has been known for its unique healing properties for many centuries. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans knew the beneficial properties of raspberries used it as medicine. Read more "