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How to swaddle a newborn baby. Photo and video lesson


пеленание ребёнка

Everyone knows what a diaper is and what it is for. This affordable, simple and comfortable clothing for a newborn baby. There is no longer one millennium. Read more "

How to teach a baby to crawl


kak-nauchit-rebyonka-polzat Curiosity, the desire to know what is happening around - one of the driving forces of the development of the baby, which helps him learn to crawl. But not all children want to spend their energy on trying to get on all fours and crawl to the subject of interest, some where it is easier to tear tears and cries to show mom that he needs that toy or cat peacefully sniffing a few meters away. Read more "

Scoliosis in children: signs, prevention and treatment


skolioz-u-detej-priznaki-profilaktika-i-lechenie Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) at the age of three years, most often boys. Such early (infantile) scoliosis is usually associated with hypertonicity and muscular dystonia, it goes away by itself, it suffices only the fulfillment of the elementary conditions on the part of the parents. Read more "

Breastfeeding Treatment


lechenie-pri-kormlenii-grudyu After the birth of the baby , the young mother has many new responsibilities. Time for sleep and rest is not always enough, but moral and physical activity increases. Fortunately, almost all the worries and efforts caused by the new social role of the woman - motherhood - bring her pleasure. Read more "

How to breastfeed correctly - video


Как правильно кормить грудью? It would seem that the question of how to breastfeed correctly should not concern young mothers, because breastfeeding is a natural process that nature itself dictates to us. But breastfeeding still requires certain knowledge and rules, without which breastfeeding a baby can become a real torture for both mother and baby. Read more "

Chickenpox in children: symptoms and treatment


Ветрянка у детей Chickenpox or chickenpox is an acute infectious disease caused by the viruses of the herpes family. A distinctive feature of chickenpox is a rash on the skin in the form of small bubbles.

Almost all children between the ages of 2 and 7 suffer from chicken pox, especially if they attend kindergarten, as the virus is very volatile and can penetrate not only into adjacent rooms, but also apartments. Read more "

Nightmares in children


ночные кошмары у детей I think each of us at least once jumped up in the middle of the night because of a chilling cry. When you ran into the nursery, the child at that time sat in bed and screamed, and his eyes were filled with horror and wide open. Read more "

Handling or how to carry a child


Хендлинг учит правильно носить малыша, ухаживать за ним, переодевать . Khendling teaches how to wear a baby, care for him, change clothes . вы практически исключите возможность тонуса мышц у младенца и отклонений в их развитии. Having mastered the handling, you practically exclude the possibility of muscle tone in the infant and deviations in their development.

There is a lot of controversy over whether it is worth carrying a small child in the arms of a child for a long time. Read more "

Child development in the womb - video


Развитие ребёнка в утробе Previously, the only sources of information about pregnancy and childbirth were the stories of mothers who gave birth to girlfriends and a few books about the prenatal development of the child, childbirth and postpartum care for the baby. The lack of information about the development of the child in the womb led to fears that women experienced on the eve of childbirth. Read more "

Finger gymnastics for schoolchildren


Пальчиковая гимнастика для школьников Surely, you remember how in the middle of the lesson at school the teacher offered you to do finger gymnastics by reciting "We wrote, we wrote, our fingers were tired." And it is not casual, because it is very difficult for a child to draw letters and tsiferki, that there letters, a first-grader child and a pen, is very hard to hold. But not all parents understand that writing is a great work for a child and in order to master it they must help their child. Read more "