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How to cook the cake "Shu"


This delicate cake on the basis of choux pastry was invented by the Frenchman Jean Avis as far back as the 18th century. Because of the similarity of the form, it was originally called "cabbage". Later, the cake received a new name - "Shu". There are several recipes with slightly different ingredients for dough or filling. Read more "

Cooked sausage


Today, grocery stores and supermarkets have a huge selection of sweets, cookies, marmalade and other sweets. The older generation is surprised at this abundance, but recalls almost forgotten recipes from childhood, introduces them to the younger generation. Read more "

Homemade marmalade


It would seem that the era of home-made sweets - chocolate, sweets, marmalade and marshmallows has long vanished into oblivion. The stores today offer such an abundance of delicious goods that the eyes run. But the real housewives know that home-cooked sweets are tasty and healthy. In this selection of homemade marmalade recipes, Read more »

Potato Cake


pirozhnoe-kartoshka Since Soviet times, many people have preserved a love for a cake, which has a rather simple name - “Potato”. Why such a name arose is understandable if you look at the shape and color of the cake. Today, the “Potato” cake can be not only bought in stores, but also made at home on your own Read more »

Fondan - how to cook


fondan 1 A real French fondant is a small, tender cupcake with a crispy chocolate crust and liquid filling that flows from warm pastries when sliced. It is this stuffing that gives the right to be called “fondant”. Read more "

Cake "Red Velvet"


tort-krasnyj-barxat It turns out that cakes have their own fashion. More recently, in the ranking of culinary masterpieces appeared undoubted leader. First of all, it attracts with its chic name - “Red Velvet”; the royal dessert is immediately introduced. Secondly, it has a very delicate taste, and thirdly, it has an unusual reddish-brown color, which gave the name to the cake. Read more "

Pastila - how to cook at home


pastila The history of world cooking knows thousands of recipes for sweet dishes and desserts. There are copyright, invented by modern confectioners, and traditional, characteristic of a particular country, area. Pastila is a dish based on apples, egg whites and sugar. Three simple ingredients help to create not only a tasty, but also a very healthy dish. Read more "

Lazy dumplings with cottage cheese


lenivye-vareniki-s-tvorogom 17 For those who like to be pampered with tasty and healthy dumplings with cottage cheese, but who do not want to waste time and energy on the process of modeling, there is an ideal compromise option - lazy dumplings. Read more "

Cottage cheese dumplings - secrets in recipes


vareniki-s-tvorogom The range of semi-finished store allows you to choose products for every taste and budget. But, nevertheless, the majority of buyers are still convinced that they are not able to replace home-cooked dishes with soul.

Read more "

Cheesecake - 15 delicious recipes


Cheesecake is a delicious dessert, a popular Western dish. Variations of its preparation there are an uncountable number, because this name is given to the most diverse dishes from the usual cheesecakes to the souffle cake. Read more "