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How to plan the sex of the child before conception


Children are happiness and the main thing is for them to be healthy. But it happens that for various reasons, parents want a baby of a certain sex. In this case, they are trying to find as much information as possible on the topic: how to plan the sex of the child. Read more "

Raspberry during pregnancy


malina-pri-beremennosti We all know about the beneficial properties of raspberries. Shrubs of this berry grow in almost every garden and garden, and in addition to excellent taste, they began to take more and more benefit from it. Many doctors recommend raspberries as an antipyretic. Read more "

Liver hurts during pregnancy - why and what to do?


Every woman dreams of becoming a mother. After all, baby - this is the greatest happiness in life. Having become pregnant, she fantasizes about the time when he will be born. What he will be small and defenseless. How do you want to quickly hug and cuddle. Read more "

What clothes are necessary for pregnant women?


Every woman who is in an interesting position, that is, she wears a baby under her heart, she has to think about her wardrobe. Read more "

Erythrocytes in the urine during pregnancy


During pregnancy in the body of a woman there is a global restructuring of all systems. The cause of this phenomenon is the changing hormones. By the changes taking place, in turn, one can observe the development of the fetus. Read more "

How to determine pregnancy without a test?


Every woman, when she has a delay in the menstrual cycle, begins to think, and if this can not say that she is pregnant? I would like to know the answer to this question as soon as possible and it is desirable that it does not have to go to the doctor. To determine the presence or absence of pregnancy, a woman can use a pharmacy test. Read more "

Honey during pregnancy


Composition of honey

The basis of honey are carbohydrates, which are diluted in water. Honey consists of three hundred substances: sucrose, fructose, glucose, vitamins, ash, biological components, and so on. This product contains twenty amino acids, including organic, for example, dairy, apple, nicotine, lemon, ascorbic. Read more "

Chickenpox during pregnancy


Chickenpox is a common disease that is considered very contagious. It is dangerous for a pregnant woman and can have a strong effect on the fetus. If the expectant mother has had chickenpox in childhood, she can not worry about re-infection. Chickenpox during pregnancy is dangerous consequences, so the expectant mother is recommended to avoid contact with the sick. Read more "

ARVI during pregnancy


Feeling unwell, sore throat, cough, frequent sneezing and runny nose? Surely you have started a banal cold. But what to do if you are pregnant? How to help in this situation, because the consequences of the disease during this period can negatively affect the development of the fetus, especially in the first three months of pregnancy, up to the threat of termination. Read more "

Pillows for pregnant women


Certainly, pregnancy and everything connected with it causes positive emotions in women. However, along with these exciting and joyful changes, some sensation of physical discomfort, heaviness, inconvenience, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy, also comes to life for women. Very often a woman encounters these phenomena during sleep. Read more "