The Baking - Part 6

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How to cook a delicious curd casserole in a multivariate


zapekanka-v-multivarke Cottage cheese casserole is considered the most useful and tasty among such dishes. She especially likes those who are not very fond of cottage cheese. In addition, preparing a curd casserole in a multivarquet is even easier and faster than in the usual way. Read more "

Pizza sauce - simple and delicious cooking recipes


picca-sous-dlya-piccy-prostye-i-vkusnye-recepty-prigotovleniya Pizza - a favorite dish of a generation. In Russia, she came from beautiful Italy and forever fell in love with the Russians. At first people preferred to buy ready-made pizza, then they began to cook it at home, adding new ingredients. Read more "

Curd cake: 12 recipes for every taste


tvorozhnyj-pirog-12-receptov (17) The most common pie with cottage cheese can become a truly solemn dessert that will bring guests and household members into an enthusiastic amazement. It all depends on the personal desire and the chosen recipe. Read more "

Berry pie: 12 delicious recipes


yagodnyj-pirog-10-vkusnyx-receptov Homemade pie with berries is a universal dessert, which with equal success will decorate the festive feast and will be a pleasant addition to the evening tea.

Read more "

Pizza with sausage


picca-s-kolbasoj-3 Pizza with sausage is a favorite dish for both adults and children. It is prepared quickly enough and you can add to it any products that are in the fridge. Pizza has many cooking recipes and its taste depends on what ingredients to put in it. Read more "

Dough for pizza on kefir



Is it possible to cook tasty pizza dough on kefir?

Pizza has ceased to be considered a "foreigner" many years ago. It is no accident our hostesses rarely use the classic Italian recipe, preferring to experiment with the test for this economical and hearty dish. Read more "

How to cook pancakes?


kak-prigotovit-bliny-7 Pancakes can become an ornament of a festive table and an excellent casual breakfast, without them the children's menu hardly costs, and it is completely impossible to imagine Pancake week. How to cook pancakes? There are several recipes for cooking this dish. In addition, pancakes can savor solo or become a delicious "wrapper" for delicacies. Read more "

Cake with raspberries


pirog-s-malinoj-2 Many of the children remember pleasant impressions: the little grandmother's kitchen, from which comes the breathtaking smell of something baked with notes of sweetness. What is it? Of course, everyone loved the crimson pie, each piece of which just melted in the mouth, forcing to reach for a plate with baking again. Read more "

Cream with black currant


pirog-s-chernoj-smorodinoj-2 "It was green, small,
Then I became scarlet.
In the sun I blackened,
And now I'm ripe. " Read more "