The Baking - Part 5

Bakery products

Homebaked bread


domashnij-xleb Bread in all its variations is the most widespread product in the world. It is an important source of carbohydrates and an integral part of our diet is not one millennium. Recent studies have shown that people started baking bread at least 30,000 years ago. Read more "

Pumpkin pancakes - orange temptation!


tykvennye-oladi-1 Do not know what to please playful offspring and beloved spouses? Do you think how to diversify the daily menu? Do you want the dishes to be not only tasty, but also useful? And indulge the family with aromatic, appetizing and nutritious pumpkin pancakes. Believe me, they will taste not only adults but also children. Read more "

Chebureks with meat - 7 variants of the recipe for crispy, juicy chebureks


chebureki-s-myasom Chebureks are a very popular dish in our time. In each family, the mistress, without fail, at least once in her life, cooked chebureks. Read more "

Home loaf in the oven - recipes with photo



Only a home loaf can so marvelously smell and crunch. Nobody argues that in the store you can buy the most unusual bread product, but it will not have the most important component - love. After all, thanks to this component, homemade pastries are incredibly delicious. So, it's time to make a home loaf.
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Pancakes with yogurt


The smell of baking is impossible not to notice and pass by. Even if you try not to eat fried, you can not remain indifferent to the smell of baked pancakes. Read more "

The mannic on kefir


mannic Manicure on yogurt is a delicious treat that any hostess should be able to cook. Since ancient times Slavs have been famous for the skills of preparing this tender pie, and modern cooks Read more »

Zebra Pie


pirog-zebra It's enough to look at the Zebra cake to see exactly what it got its unusual name for. But how to cook this striped dessert? Probably, the technology is so unusual that it is impossible to repeat it at home? Read more "

Biscuit in the multivark


biskvit-v-multivarke Biscuit is usually considered a capricious pastry. To get a lush and at the same time a solid foundation you need to know a lot of culinary secrets. But the multivark minimizes the possibility of any failure. The biscuit prepared in it always leaves easy, tasty and high. Read more "

Cherry pie


pirog-s-vishnej Outside the window is summer, and the pantry is bursting with fresh fruit? It is simply impossible to abandon delicious pies, the main component of which are juicy cherries. It is most pleasant that all the presented recipes are suitable for the use of frozen berries.

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Cake medovik - step-by-step recipe with photo


tort-medovik 40 Medovik - the original cake, which can easily make even a novice mistress. Preparation does not take very long, the main thing is to let it brew well, so that the honey cakes are saturated with cream. And then the product will be especially gentle and fragrant. Read more "