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Goose in the oven - cooking secrets


Winter is rich in big holidays, here is a Catholic Christmas, and New Year, and Christmas according to the calendar of the Orthodox confession. And if the New Year's table in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union is famous for champagne, “Olivier” salad and tangerines, then the Christmas table (for both Catholics and Orthodox) is of particular importance. Read more "

Festive aspic from language


A special delicacy on the holiday table is considered to be aspic. It is usually cooked on big holidays, decorated on a special scale, so that the dish could surprise the guests and arouse admiration for the hostess’s culinary talent. Different products are used: tongue, chicken, pieces of meat, fish, vegetables. Read more "

Baptismal verses


January 19 is the bright feast of the Epiphany. We invite you to congratulate your loved ones with baptism in verse. Read more "

Psoriasis on the head: what it is, why it appears and how to treat


There is a disease that is not fraught with danger to human life and health, but its occurrence is the cause of psychological problems. This is psoriasis of the scalp. Read more "

Allergy to the sun: why it appears and how to treat


Human skin may exhibit excessive sensitivity to sunlight, and the ultraviolet itself is not an allergen, but when interacting with certain substances, it can provoke an allergic reaction. Moreover, such substances can be located both on the surface of the skin and inside them. Read more "

Why dream mad


What dreams of a mad man or a beast? Most often the image indicates in a dream interaction with ill-wishers and the emergence of life-threatening situations. The most popular dream books agree in one opinion: you can see yourself or other characters in a state of rabies. Read more »

Tomatoes with horseradish and garlic


Spicy piquant seasoning from tomatoes with horseradish and garlic is very popular and is known for its beneficial properties. Prepare adjika traditionally in the fall, and eat in the winter. Regular use of even a small amount of the vigorous mixture perfectly enhances the protective functions of the body and protects against colds. Read more "

Salad with pickled mushrooms


To mushrooms in cooking, the attitude is twofold, on the one hand, they are considered heavy food for the stomach, not suitable for baby or dietary food. On the other hand, few people are ready to give up fried or pickled boletus, chanterelle soup or salted crispy mushrooms. Read more "

Cold on the lip: how to quickly cure at home


The herpes virus is present in the body of 90% of the population of planet Earth, and especially, it “loves” those who had had chickenpox in their time. When the immune system properly performs its functions, herpes does not manifest itself. Read more "

Pimples on the back: causes and treatment


Diverse pimples "love" not only the face. They are not indifferent to other parts of the body, and if a person could see his back, he would be horrified by this acne. Why does the back often become the object of an acne attack? Yes, because the skin on it is thicker, not devoid of sebaceous and sweat glands, and care for the "removed" skin is not as carefully as the face. Read more "