The Baking - Part 4

Bakery products

Easter cake


Easter cake For many centuries in a row after a long Lent our compatriots tried to pamper themselves with tasty treats. Easter cakes are always made for Easter centers. A large selection of recipes allows you to prepare it even for a beginner hostess. Read more "

Fish pie and its variants


rybnyj-pirog Pie with fish filling - a variation on the theme of not sweet home baking. When you make it, nobody limits your imagination to the form, the test used and the combinations of the filling. That is why there are hundreds, if not thousands, of recipes for such a product. Excellent fish cake as a non-complex everyday dish, yes, and on the festive table it's not a shame to put it. That is why every owner should have a couple of interesting recipes of such food in stock. Read more "

Khachapuri - the best recipes


xachapuri Aromatic cheese cakes - one of the most famous dishes of Georgian cuisine, called khachapuri. In different regions of Georgia, khachapuri is prepared according to several different recipes. The classic version of this wonderful pastry consists of "hacha" (cheese) and "puri" (bread). In the Adjarian variant, a chicken egg is added to them. The dough can be puffed or soda. The shape of the "patty" can be round or elongated. They can be closed or open. Read more "

Hvorost - 10 recipes for sweets from childhood


Fried crispy dough strips sprinkled with powdered sugar - familiar to many brownie biscuits come from childhood. Fashion for him a little subsided, when on the shelves of shops in abundance began to appear inexpensive varieties of all pechenyushek. Read more "

Chocolate Brownie


brownie You may think that the brownie is an ordinary chocolate cake, cut into portions, but do not think about it to tell the familiar Americans, because you risk inflicting the strongest offense. Read more "

Onion pie


Onion pie is a tempting and very tasty dish for lovers of unsweetened baking. It is suitable as a main or snack dish. Read more "

Cheesecake - 15 delicious recipe


Cheesecake is a delicious dessert, a popular western dish. Variation in its preparation is an uncountable amount, because such a name is given to a wide variety of dishes from the usual cheese cakes to the cake soufflé. Read more "

Chocolate biscuit


shokoladnyj-biskvit-10 Chocolate is the product that does not happen much. In the world of sweet tooth, it is a kind of ambrosia - food of the gods, only accessible to everyone. Read more "

Tsvetaevsky apple pie


cvetaevskij-yablochnyj-pirog-8 We offer you a recipe of one of the favorite cakes of the Tsvetaeva sisters, which they often served guests. It is not known for certain why he received such a name, but hardly anyone will be able to challenge the fact that this pie is indecently simple, but surprisingly tasty. Read more "

Donuts - 12 best recipes


ponchiki What is a donut? This is a round patty with a hole in the middle (a hole, by the way, is optional). It is fried in oil, maybe with a filling, mostly sweet. Read more "