Women's online magazine about fashion, beauty, children and men - Part 4

How to make a lizuna at home


All kids love to play lizunom. Not only that, due to its plasticity and tensile strength, this mass allows the child to do anything with it, but it also allows for the development of fine motor skills of hands. And this, in turn, favorably reflects on the intellect of the baby. Read more "

Poems on the anniversary of 30 years


30 years is the ideal age for accomplishments and achievements. At 30 we are full of energy, health and plans. It is at this age that women are the most beautiful and desirable, and men are able to move mountains. Read more "

Grandma's beautiful poems


Grandmother - how much warmth and pleasant emotions we have with this word ... Grandmother is care and care, this is unlimited love, this is any support, understanding and help. Read more "

Poems beautiful woman


If you want to bring romance into your life, tell your beloved woman about your feelings, then dedicate a verse to your subject of adoration - the perfect option! Read more "

Warts on the hands and fingers: home treatment


A person who has had warts on his hands is experiencing psychological discomfort, although the education data do not pose a threat to health. But if they appear, then you need to immediately get rid of the problem. After all, these seemingly harmless skin growths can Read more »

Unusual tangerine jam


Many people associate the New Year holidays with champagne, a salad named after a famous French chef, and a lot of tangerines. Sometimes too big to eat. Read more "

How to cook cod tasty


Fried, baked and stewed cod - a dish beloved by many connoisseurs. It would seem, what could be easier than cooking fish? But, unfortunately, after heat treatment, this type of fish becomes rather dry and not very appetizing to taste. Read more "

Poems about spring


“Spring is coming - spring is coming!” Yes, probably there is no person who would not love spring, would not wait for her to come, would not recall these magnificent lines. Read more "

Poems to a friend: Happy birthday greetings in verses


stixi-podruge-na-den-rozhdenie Do you believe in female friendship? In fact, friends who will support you in difficult times will rejoice at your success ... just not everyone is lucky to meet that single friend who does not betray, helps you make right decisions in life and wishes you all the best. And if all the same you are lucky, then these beautiful poems for a girlfriend happy birthday for you! Read more "

Tomato salad for the winter: a selection of recipes


Tomato - one of the most beloved vegetables, used in any form. Due to the high content of various vitamins and organic acids, they help to maintain health, strengthen the immune system, improve the emotional state. Read more "