The Baking - Part 3

Bakery products

Patties on yogurt


pirozhki-na-kefire In pies is a whole universe - and this is not an exaggeration. They appeared at the dawn of mankind, they accompany the man of reason and still - they satisfy hunger and please the soul. Over the centuries, the recipe has improved, the chefs have come up with new fillings and methods for kneading the dough. Just below are some of the most popular, fastest and delicious recipes. Read more "

Oat cookies


ovsyanoe-pechene 1 In many modern families preserve the old recipes of homemade cakes - delicious, tender, melting in the mouth. One of the popular desserts is oatmeal cookies, because it requires the most simple and inexpensive products. Read more "

Grated cake


tertyj-pirog Grated cake is one of the easiest to prepare delicious dishes. With his baking from the first time even a novice craftsman can cope. The speed of cooking this dessert will prepare this delicacy even for a very busy business woman. Read more "

Sausages in the dough


sosiski-v-teste Sausages in the dough - one of the most convenient and simple options for a delicious breakfast or any other meal. There is a large selection of recipes for this unsweetened bakery, and at least one of them is sure to please everyone at home. Prepare this dish you can from different types of dough. The main thing is to take good and quality sausages. Read more "

Pies with egg and onions


pirozhki-s-yajcom-i-lukom 3 A delicate taste of pies with eggs and onions is familiar to everyone from childhood. They were always baked by their beloved grandmother or prepared for the holidays by her mother. Sometimes delicious variations of this dish could be bought in the dining room. Cooking pies with eggs and onions is not difficult. It is enough to master the minimum of the simplest recipes. Read more "

Pies with cabbage


pirozhki-s-kapustoj 28 Fried patties with cabbage - a treat everyone loved since childhood, which periodically appears on the tables of each family. After all, before their incredible taste and aroma can not stand neither adults nor children. Read more "



belyashi The real Belyashis have nothing in common with what the Russian public catering offers at railway stations and stations. Real belasy is a miracle! Lush with a ruddy crust, a gentle, melting mouthfeel and a stunning filling. Read more "

Pumpkin cake


pirog-s-tykvoj Vegetable pastry is not only a delight for your taste buds, but also a source of vitamins so valuable and necessary for our body. Among the abundance of recipes, special attention should be paid to recipes of pumpkin pies. Usually they delight even those who do not like this autumn vegetable at all. Read more "

Delicious bagels


vkusnye-rogaliki 14 Hot rolls are always associated with a warm morning of a successful day. Prepare this sweet delicacy easily with your own hands. A large selection of recipes will help you choose the one that will become your favorite. Read more "

Napoleon cake


tort-napoleon Versions of the appearance of this dessert, which has become traditional at all festive events, is quite a lot. The most beloved in Russia is the one that speaks of the presentation of the cake in 1912, when Moscow celebrated the 100th anniversary of the expulsion of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Read more "