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What dreams set fire


k-chemu-snitsya-pigigat 1 In the dream, it was possible to set fire to something? With equal probability you will find a dispute, revenge and destruction of relationships, or a new romance and joy. Why dream of the specified action specifically? Popular dream books will give ready-made answers and teach you to correctly interpret the dream plot. Read more "

Why dream under water


k-chemu-snitsya-pod-vodoj 4 In a dream had a chance to be under water? This strange way manifests a deep self-consciousness. In a more mundane sense, this is a reflection of the attempt to hide from others, debts and creditors. Dream books offer the most up-to-date decryption and help you understand why such an unexpected phenomenon occurs. Read more "

What dreams chase


k-chemu-snitsya-pogonya 1 Dreamed of a chase? You are trying to change a certain situation. If in a dream they were chasing you, then your dreams are obviously not fulfilled. Popular dream books with specific examples will explain what dream dreaming is about. Read more "

Seaweed Salad


salat-iz-morskoj-kapusty 4 The scientific name of this plant is kelp, in cooking of the world it is known as sea kale. Residents of seaside territories are eaten from time immemorial, knowing about its "magic" properties. Read more "

Mysterious ratatouille


ratatuj 1 Ratatouille is a guest from far Provence. The name of the dish sounds very mysterious, but it translates simply - “interfere with the food.” Indeed, the recipe includes several different vegetables that are well known to all the inhabitants of the planet, which need to be mixed and fried. The basis of ratatouille is zucchini, eggplant, pepper and other vegetables. Below is detailed information about what options the world cuisine offers. Read more "

Oat cookies


ovsyanoe-pechene 1 Many modern families keep old recipes for homemade pastries - tasty, tender, melting in the mouth. One of the most popular desserts is oatmeal cookies, since its preparation requires the most simple and inexpensive products. Read more "

Eggplant for the winter


baklazhany-na-zimu Guests from the far south - eggplants - cannot be called such a rarity on the table of an average Russian. Mistresses have long mastered the recipes for cooking fried and salted "little blue." Below you can find recipes for preparing a delicious, healthy vegetable for the winter, their peculiarity is simplicity, accessibility, and excellent taste. Read more "



okroshka 3 Russian cuisine is rich in recipes, but with the arrival of spring and the emergence of the first edible greens, everyone together recalls okroshka, one of the most ancient dishes of Russian cuisine. This national cold soup is becoming a real magic wand of the hostess in the "fortification" of the family, cooked quickly, includes simple ingredients.

Read more "

Liver cake


pechenochnyj-tort Modern hostesses are worthy followers of the traditions of the past, they are able to cook from absolutely simple products stunning dishes that their relatives will remember for a long time. And even the products unloved by many in the hands of skillful hostesses turn into culinary masterpieces. Read more "

Why dream of a tree

May 14, 2017

k-chemu-snitsya-elka 1 What dreams of a real forest tree? In a dream, this image can have a lot of values, and all interpretation options depend on the most memorable details. Dream interpretation will help to understand what this natural image means. Read more "