Go 3-6 years old

3-6 years old

Coxsackie virus in children: symptoms, treatment, incubation period


The Coxsackie virus, sometimes called “hands, feet, mouth,” is not one, but a whole group of three dozen viruses that multiply exclusively in the intestines. Read more "

Hairstyle for a boy of 3 years


Every parent knows firsthand how difficult it is sometimes to please a little fidget. By the third year of life, the child is already able to express his preferences and vehemently defend them. In this regard, many families are faced with the problem of choosing hairstyles for the baby. Read more "

Which dog to choose for a child?


To choose the right dog for children, which will become a member of the family and the biggest darling, you need to review all the breeds of dogs and give preference to the most friendly and kind dog that fits to your yard or adapt to living in an apartment. Read more "

Toys for children 3 years


Children around the globe love to play. What caused such an interest? The fact is that with the help of the game the child learns to understand the world around it. What actions to perform, what to say, what to do - all these questions kids decide in a convenient form, namely during the game. Read more "

How to occupy a child on the street?


Children are active comrades. For proper development, they need to move a lot. Moreover, the lack of activity negatively affects the physical and mental state of the baby. Since modern apartments and houses in most cases are not suitable for physical education, then children can frolic in plenty just for a walk. Read more "

The child sucks a finger - what to do, how to wean?


Every person has their bad habits. Finding the perfect person who wouldn’t have a single bad habit is almost impossible. Some habits of people are developed over the years, while others are adopted from relatives and acquaintances. In young children, as well as in an adult, some permanent actions can be formed, which later become habit. Read more "

What to give the boy 3 years?


Boys at the age of three are actively developing, they are interested in many, they know a lot. As the birthday approaches, parents and relatives increasingly ask one question: “ What is the best idea to give a boy of three years old? ". Clothes and sweets as a gift will not bring joy to the kid (they will be already), but a new soft toy, a machine, a track will give the child a lot of positive emotions. Read more "

How to choose a child's hobby?


Many parents do not attach due importance to what their child does in his spare time, mistakenly believing that the child should spend the rest of the day after returning from school to do homework and work with the same school material. Read more "

Ear pain in a child


Ear pain in a child is not uncommon. This is due to the anatomical and physiological structure of the nasopharynx. Since the ear does not always cause severe pain, you must constantly monitor the actions of the crumbs. He can just scratch the ear. If you notice this, you should immediately contact your pediatrician. Read more "

How to choose a dance studio for your child?


Very often, many parents get a quite reasonable question: how to direct the energy of your child in the right direction , to entice him with a business that would not only develop spiritually and physically, but also bring pleasure? The choice is obvious - you must give it to any circle or section. Read more "