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Useful properties of viburnum red


Kalina ordinary (red) - woody or shrub plant, widespread in Russia. Viburnum berries have a specific bitter-sour taste. The plant is widely used in medicine (traditional and folk), cosmetology and cooking. Read more "

Abdominal distension: causes and treatment


A large amount of gas in the intestine leads to bloating, which causes discomfort in the stomach. The intensity of the unpleasant symptoms directly depends on the amount of gas in the intestine. In a different way, the process of gas or swelling is called flatulence. Read more "

How to reduce the pressure at home


Hypertension is a fairly common disease that affects every fourth person on the planet. Doctors say that high blood pressure (BP) is a problem that relatively young people have already encountered. To normalize blood pressure, you can use various methods, most importantly, Read more »

What dreams ice


Ice in a dream acts as a symbol of frozen emotions, relationships. If he dreamed out of season, serious life changes are coming. What else dreams of this slippery dream sign? Dream interpretation will consider various options. Read more "

Why dream - the dog barks


In a dream, heard a dog barking? Wait for the bad news. This is also the foreshadowing of big troubles and life difficulties. What else dreams, if the dog barks? Dream Interpretation will share their numerous observations. Read more "

What dreams paws


Why dream shaggy paws? In a dream, it is a symbol of protection and help. But if you got hit with claws, then wait for the disease, trouble, attacks from enemies. Dream books will tell you how to correctly unravel this very unusual image. Read more "

How to cook the cake "Shu"


This delicate cake on the basis of choux pastry was invented by the Frenchman Jean Avis as far back as the 18th century. Because of the similarity of the form, it was originally called "cabbage". Later, the cake received a new name - "Shu". There are several recipes with slightly different ingredients for dough or filling. Read more "

Sore hands: causes, what to do, how to treat


How many movements human hands make in a day, and most of all goes to the hands. After all, with their help, people carry objects, work and perform a variety of actions. If your hands suddenly get sick, then it can be caused by diseases of internal organs, bones, muscles, joints or soft tissues. Therefore, you should pay attention to the problem, Read more »

Beautiful love poems


Love works wonders! It inspires, inspires, makes us perform unimaginable deeds, makes us so happy that we are ready to turn the mountains and get a star from the sky. And also to devote to his only or only poems. Read more "

Sugar Cookies - Cooking Secrets


Sometimes the simplest things turn out to be extremely tasty, for example, the simplest ingredients are needed for sugar cookies, the cooking technology also does not cause much difficulty even for a novice chef. But the effect is stunning - a hill of cookies, charming, ruddy and crispy on the outside, very tender inside, Read more »