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Why dream so


k-chemu-snitsya-uzh Already in a dream is a symbol of cunning, adaptability, resourcefulness. And also reflects the invented and completely unfounded fears, fears, anxieties. Well-known dream books will tell you what this slippery character still dreams about. Read more "

Why dream of a bush


k-chemu-snitsya-kust 4 Any bush in a dream reflects a tangled, difficult situation. In addition, the image literally encourages to bring at least a small order in their own lives. Popular dream books will tell you what the dream image is still dreaming about. Read more "

What dreams godfather, godfather


k-chemu-snitsya-kum-kuma Why dream godfather or godfather? In a dream, they most often reflect various aspects of the dreamer's personality, because the actions of the characters are often unusual. Popular dream books will help you find the right transcript. Read more "

What dreams makeup


k-chemu-snitsya-kosmetika Cosmetics in a dream symbolizes deception, pretense, dishonest deeds, deliberately unrealizable promises. Popular dream books offer a more complete decoding of what the specified image dreams about. Read more "

Why dream cuckoo


k-chemu-snitsya-kukushka 2 A cuckoo in a dream most often recalls unresolved issues. You probably abandoned some business and can miss the right moment. Popular dream books will make a detailed analysis of the dreaming character and tell you what he is dreaming about. Read more "

What dreams lie


k-chemu-snitsya-lezhat 4 Lying in a dream literally means being passive, resting, relaxing, meditating. In addition, there is a person who wants you to keep a memory of him. Why dream of the specified action yet? Popular dream books offer the most truthful decryption, taking into account various nuances. Read more "

Garlic arrows for the winter


chesnochnye-strelki-na-zimu Practically in all culinary books, we are talking about garlic heads, but almost no garlic shooters are mentioned. Although there are no less useful substances in them than in the head itself. Many housewives do not even suspect that one can cook delicious snacks from them, add to meat and vegetable dishes, soups, use as a side dish for meat. Read more "

Fresh Carrot Salad


salat-iz-svezhej-morkovi Carrot - a bright root vegetable, which has many useful qualities. In addition to the fact that the orange root vegetable contains the necessary vitamins, organic compounds important for health, it is remarkably stored in the winter period. Do not throw off the budget cost of carrots, this is what often allows you to include dishes from it in the family menu. Carrots blend well with others Read more »

Tomatoes for the winter in banks


pomidory-na-zimu-v-bankax Good housewives are getting ready for winter in advance, “hope for supermarkets, but don’t make it yourself” - so they say, and pickle, salt, freeze. Tomatoes in the list of winter preparations are on one of the first places, these vegetables are good in various forms: both independently and in company with other vegetables. In this material, a selection of recipes for tomatoes, marinated in different ways. Read more "

What dreams jacket


k-chemu-snitsya-kurtka 2 The jacket, as, in fact, any other outerwear, reflects in a dream the inner world of a person and his protection from the external environment. Sometimes hints at hiding some mystery. More detailed characteristics will be given by popular dream books. Read more "