Women's online magazine about fashion, beauty, children and men - Part 208

The structure of the body of an infant


Грудной ребёнок Is the baby already one month old? Congratulations, the period of the newborn child has ended and the equally difficult and important period of the infant has begun! Let's look at all the physiological features of the structure of the body of an infant. Read more "

Fetal development of the child - video


Внутриутробное развитие The intrauterine development of a child is a process full of secrets and secrets. And in order to open them up, let's look at all the features of the intrauterine development of the baby and also see a fascinating video about how life begins and how a child develops in his mother's tummy. Read more "

How to bathe a newborn baby - video


Купание новорожденного Earlier we talked about when to bathe a newborn baby . Now we will get acquainted with the technique of bathing a newborn baby, or rather we will try to answer questions that concern young mummies: how to bathe a newborn baby, how much, how to wash, what means for bathing a newborn to use. Read more "

Bathing a newborn


Купание новорожденного Many young mothers ask the question: "When can I bathe the baby?". And it is not surprising, because after listening to the stories and advice of grandmothers, after reading the guidelines for caring for the baby, inherited from mothers, older sisters and relatives, it is felt that it is impossible to bathe until the navel is completely healed. However, it is not. The first bathing of the child is desirable to spend on the same day after returning from the hospital. Read more "

Cord circumcision: how it happens


Every future mommy is interested in all the smallest details related to pregnancy, childbirth and caring for a newborn. One of the stages of labor is the cutting of the umbilical cord. How to cut the umbilical cord of a newborn? More on this.

Read more "

Periods of child development


Периоды развития ребёнка From the moment of conception, the human body is constantly evolving. Certain periods of life differ in some features, the sum of which gives their general characteristic. рим основные периоды развития ребёнка. Let's look at the main periods of child development. Read more "