Women's online magazine about fashion, beauty, children and men - Part 10

Why dizzy? Causes of dizziness


The head can spin not only because of falling in love, success or long riding on the carousel. Dizziness at least once in a lifetime was experienced by each person who was subjected to severe stress, overworked at work or simply carried out a trip in some kind of transport. Read more "

Potato harmonica: quick and tasty


Potato-accordion is a tasty, beautiful and unusual dish that can be prepared for an ordinary dinner or for some holiday. This dish got its name for a reason, because the potato is cut into many thin slices according to the recipe and really looks like an accordion. Read more "

Toe cramps: causes and treatment


With such a problem as toe cramps, almost every person met at least once. If the process starts at night, during sleep, then it is very unpleasant, because when you get awake, not everyone will understand what is happening. To identify the true cause of the appearance, you need to go to the doctor. Read more "

Heel spur: causes, symptoms and effective treatments


Heel pain can be formed for various reasons, one of them is plantar fasciitis or popularly known "heel spur". Pathology is associated with inflammation and growth of bone tissue. Pain arises due to permanent damage to the tissues located around the bone. Read more "

Garlic dumplings


The word “pampushka” has come to us from the Ukrainian language, although today this dish is considered national in neighboring Poland and in more distant Germany. Most often they are prepared from yeast dough, are tiny in size and are served instead of bread to the first courses. On the one hand, it is quite simple to prepare them, on the other hand, there are many secrets, which will be discussed in this material. Read more "

Potato zrazy


Potato zrazy - small patties, which are prepared on the basis of mashed potatoes with different fillings. And although their preparation takes a lot of time, the result sometimes exceeds the wildest expectations. Read more "

How to treat barley on the eye


Yesterday nothing predicted trouble, but today it has appeared. Who or what? Barley is a disease that most people do not attach much importance. And in vain. This abscess, which can "jump", both in the lower and in the upper eyelid, is a kind of indicator: the immune system is weakened. Read more "

Why do you want to eat chalk and how to deal with it


"Chalk gourmets" surprise others: some prefer to consume only stationery chalk, others - construction, and the third and all - chalk of natural origin. There are those who are accustomed to be content with calcium gluconate. Why it happens? No need to write off all the human oddities, because eating chalk can be a disturbing symptom. Read more "

Pork knuckle in beer


Shin in gastronomy is called part of the pork ham, and from it you can cook a lot of delicious dishes. But many novice hostesses somehow bypass her side. Although, in fact, in the preparation of dishes from the knuckle is nothing complicated, there are only little secrets. One of them - use for marinating beer, Read more »

Homemade bread in the oven


There is nothing tastier than bread that is just taken out of the oven, hot, fragrant, rosy. Unfortunately, today this dish has passed into the category of exquisite delicacies. Many young housewives refuse to bake bread because of the complex and lengthy process, although modern ovens allow you to do this without much hassle. In this collection are different secrets of baking bread at home. Read more "