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How to save the child from trouble


kak-uberech-rebyonka-ot-nepriyatnostej Trouble with a child can happen anywhere, not only in the park, but also in the parental home. Dangers lurk at every turn. A considerable number of children suffered on the street during traffic accidents, which, unfortunately, every day, more and more. Read more "

How to teach a child to sleep separately?


Many mothers put their babies to bed from birth next to each other. Of course, there are a number of advantages in this: as soon as the child wakes up and wants to eat, his mommy is at his side, and besides, they both relax better together than separately. Read more "

How to occupy a child on the street?


Children are active comrades. For proper development, they need to move a lot. Moreover, the lack of activity negatively affects the physical and mental state of the baby. Since modern apartments and houses in most cases are not suitable for physical education, then children can frolic in plenty just for a walk. Read more "

The child sucks a finger - what to do, how to wean?


Every person has their bad habits. Finding the perfect person who wouldn’t have a single bad habit is almost impossible. Some habits of people are developed over the years, while others are adopted from relatives and acquaintances. In young children, as well as in an adult, some permanent actions can be formed, which later become habit. Read more "

How to put a child to sleep without tears and tantrums?


Sleeping baby is not just cute, but also FINALLY! In case you smiled here, therefore, you probably more than once sneaked quietly from the crib and crumbs just asleep and dreamed only that the neighbors did not decide to hammer nails right now ... How to put the child to sleep without tears and hysterics? Read more "

How to teach a child English?


Many parents are convinced that the child should be taught a foreign language as early as possible, because now there is nowhere without him. Of course, you need to know English, but you shouldn’t teach your child the language almost from birth. If you teach your child parallel to Russian and English, there is a risk that he will fall behind both in Russian and English, or combine languages, for example, start a sentence in Russian, and finish in English. Read more "

Ear pain in a child


Ear pain in a child is not uncommon. This is due to the anatomical and physiological structure of the nasopharynx. Since the ear does not always cause severe pain, you must constantly monitor the actions of the crumbs. He can just scratch the ear. If you notice this, you should immediately contact your pediatrician. Read more "

How to choose a babysitter?


A child is not only the greatest happiness in your life, but also a huge responsibility. Therefore, any mother tries to give her child as much time, love and care as possible. But life always makes adjustments to your plans. Perhaps due to financial circumstances you will have to go to work early or go to another city for a long time. Read more "

How to choose a car seat?


Any accident for a baby is much more dangerous than for an adult, since young children have weak neck ligaments and muscles. It is because of this that in many countries the carriage of children is allowed only in car seats. When buying a car seat, be careful. Read more "

Child development at 1 year


Here is the first birthday! And it seems that only yesterday the baby was born. Now your chronicle is calculated not in months, but in years. But along with joyful feelings, anxiety appeared. Is it developing correctly? Recently, he sat quietly in a crib and was content with rattles, and now he is trying to walk and reach for dangerous objects. Something new also appeared in the character of the baby. All this worries attentive parents. Therefore, it is important to understand what should be the development of a child in 1 year . Read more "