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Poems beloved guy


There are many reasons to present beautiful poems to your beloved guy: holidays, important events in life. And a good mood is no reason to bring more romance and tender feelings into your life. Read more "

How to cook okroshka


In any kitchen of the world there are recipes simple and complex, the same applies to Russian traditional cuisine, for example, the same okroshka. The dish is known for requiring a minimum of products and primitive technology. The people on this subject came up with many sayings, such as "kvass and potatoes - already okroshka." Read more "

Cherry dumplings


Vareniki is a very interesting Slavic dish with Ukrainian roots, made from unleavened dough, into which the filling is wrapped. Her role can be played by popped meat, potatoes, berries, fruits, cottage cheese and mushrooms. In appearance and principle of cooking are similar to manti and dumplings. Read more "

Okroshka with sausage photo recipe


In the evening, when everyone gathers at the same table, it is not at all superfluous to serve a satisfying and appetizing dish. This treat can be homemade okroshka. This dish is always relevant, in any season.

Read more "

Yummy Korean Carrot Recipe


Why home cooking favorite dishes has become particularly popular and in demand? The answer is very simple. First, this food is much cheaper than the one we buy in the store. Secondly, we are absolutely confident in the quality of a hand-made product. Read more "

Dumplings with frozen berries


In winter, when the body lacks vitamins and solar heat, dumplings with frozen berries seem truly divine food. If you are worried even in the summer and plenty of different berries are frozen, then you can get down to business right now. If you don’t have your reserves, then run Read more »

Beautiful poems happy birthday to man


How many reasons do we have to devote poems to our beloved men? Valentine's Day, February 23 and, of course, Birthday! We offer you very beautiful, touching to tears or funny, funny poems for men with happy birthday. Read more "

How to grow petunia from seedlings


Petunia is a guest from the tropics, an impressively spectacular flower, which has been going on triumphantly around the world for almost 200 years. Petunia is widely used in flower beds for gardening balconies and terraces. It is rather hardy and unpretentious, it is well combined with partner plants. Read more "

The main signs of appendicitis


The structure of the rectum includes an appendage - the appendix, which tends to inflame. The likelihood that this will happen is 0.5 to 100, that is, every year five out of 1000 people become victims of appendicitis. If he is diagnosed, the patient is prescribed an operation - appendectomy. The lack of surgery often leads to Read more »

Acne treatment: a review of tools and procedures with proven effectiveness


Acne is a polymorphic dermatosis caused by a malfunction of the sebaceous glands apparatus. This is the most common skin disease in adolescence, found in 90% of girls and 100% of boys. In the last decade, acne recurs more and more at an older age. Read more "